5 Ways To Deal With And Expect After The Loss Of A Loved One

  • UPSETIt is okay to accept that the loss you have just endured is very real. Your loss is very real.  Whether it is a lost loved pet or a sibling you need to accept the death occurred and the death happened.
  • Pain and the pain of grief can be physical as well as emotional. In fact many times people feel grief physically more than they feel grief and pain emotionally. Do not be surprised if you have stomach aches and headaches and if your digestive and intestinal tract is a bit messed up. Don’t keep yourself so busy that you don’t allow yourself to grieve.
  • There is going to be a huge adjustment to living without this person. Just like when an alcoholic [alcohol addiction] stops drinking there is an adjustment period to life without alcohol. Depending upon who you have lost you will not only lose a relative but also a friend, a confidant and if you lost a significant other you have lost a sexual partner as well.
  • Allow that person or pet to stay in a part of your heart. Then move on.
  • You will always love that person. Just because that person or pet is gone does not mean that your love will go away. You will always have that love for them.


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