5 Great Ways To Conquer Your Fears

It is a rare person who lives without fear of one kind or another.

You may fear heights, or spiders, or new situations, or rejection–whatever your fears may be, you can either let those fears [Overcoming Fear] form boundaries beyond which you can’t move or grow, or you can face them head-on and allow them to become opportunities to move into new places in your life.  The choice is truly yours.

Fear is not always a bad thing.  There are obviously some things about which we should be afraid and in which we should exercise appropriate caution.

But if our fears control us, or prevent us from taking certain risks, we allow those fears to define us, to limit us only to courses of action that we deem sufficiently safe, and as a result, many of us never achieve our potential–or we cheat ourselves out of the richness that life could otherwise hold for us.

1.  Realize that everyone is afraid of something.

Others may not fear the same things you fear, but everyone fears something, and understanding this can help you not to feel isolated in your fear.  You’re not alone, and the fact that you are fearful in some area doesn’t make you a weak person.

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