Why Always The Bad Guy…

Why is it that some people can never do anything right? I’m sure we all know people that despite their best intentions are always perceived to be the devil.

The answer lies in the way we humans behave. People choose to see the “bad” things in people. So despite what good qualities a person may display, society will focus on the negative.

An individual who has made a few mistakes in the past will tend to be judged by those mistakes.

Take for example people who are released from jail. They fail to get jobs and have relationships because society still views them with suspicion. Some criminals end up back in jail because of committing another crime. Now this is true for many situations in life. A wife, who has been cheated by her husband, finds it very hard to be trusting of men.

Society has taught us to be cautious. That is why we no longer open the door to strangers at night and we no longer give lifts to people we do not know.

We have become a society full of fear. We all have to develop a spirit of trust and learn to embrace one another. As imperfect people, we must learn to forgive each other. That is how we will create a society that can stop looking at the “bad” in a person and start to focus on “the good” that he can do.



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