What Are Your New Year Resolutions Going to Be?

It’s that time of the year when we are (probably) making pious plans to become better in the coming year resolving to do X, Y and Z and resolving not to do A, B and C.

The commonest New Year Resolutions are usually to do with getting healthy or fit, kicking bad habits and spending more time with the family, and so on. What are yours going to be like?

New year resolutions

Think in terms of increasing wellness

Rather than making the resolution to lose X pounds or to fit into a particular size dress, think in terms of improving your overall health and wellness. So rather than a fad diet try making lifestyle changes to consistently eat healthy and remain active not until you reach your target weight but for life.

It goes without saying that giving up smoking and excessive drinking will improve health, but you also need to pay attention to how well you manage stress and anger. Both these emotions can be useful if properly channeled, but destructive when left unmanaged.

Also make a change in terms of your consumption patterns: think of the environment as well. Declutter your life, but not buying what you don’t need, and recycling, reusing and renewing everything possible.

Improve your financial health

With the global financial climate being what it is, it is only prudent to make some New Year resolutions to improve your finances. Resolve to get out of debt as soon as possible. Cut down on expenses, delay gratification, and get rid of a credit card or few; do whatever it takes to become debt free. This can add to your overall wellness because debt is a major source of worry.

Expand your horizons

Learn something new such as a new skill, hobby or language. Not only can the whole process of learning be fascinating, it will also help keep your brain in fine working order. Not only that, an extra skill of any sort may improve the way that your work resume looks.

If you believe that you are stuck in a boring dead end job that does nothing for you, take the plungeand branch out in a new direction professionally speaking. Be prudent however, unemployment being what it is currently, you may want to err on the side of caution.

Improve your chances of keeping your New Year Resolutions

And then when you’ve made a list of resolutions review them to improve your chances of achieving them. Cut out what is unrealistic and break down your goals into smaller, doable segments.

For instance if you resolve to eat healthy, take it one step at a time: firstly change where and how you shop and alter your shopping list. Then reduce how much you eat out and how much of processed food you consume one step at a time. If you’re just starting to exercise, start with a shorter durations and build it up slowly.

Persevere with your resolutions. Just because things seem difficult, don’t give up. Hold out for just a while longer; you may surprise yourself with your resilience and this may be just the motivation you need to carry your resolution to its logical conclusion.



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