Utilizing Total Capacity Of Brain With Unfoldment And Subliminal Learning!

Unfoldment And Subliminal LearningIn this world, there are various species, but in those species only human beings are the species who will not use total capacity of brain.

Even humans will have the capability of using more brain but they will use only 10% of brain.

This is because of selfishness and not living happily on this earth.

If you use total capacity of brain then you will be more harmonious than in the present situation.

If you use your total brain then you will not pollute earth and you will not have the difficulty of famine and poverty. So, you have to practice using full capacity of brain.

If you will continue to use only fraction of brain then you will lose 100,000 brain cells each day. Hence you have to start approaching your life by using full brain capacity and achieve more self awareness. With the help of subliminal learning and unfoldment, you can use full capacity of brain.

Subliminal learning for using full capacity of brain:

For effective ways to train your brains and using total neuronal capacity, you should follow subliminal learning.

Subliminal learning:

Subliminal learning and brain exercises will include self-talk, self-analytic tools and self awareness.

Subliminal learning will tell you that, you have to grow more self awareness and learn about the behaviors that which are unconscious and which are conscious. This awareness will guide you throughout your life and you will be able to determine your life’s outcomes.

If you will be more competent physically and mentally then you can control your mind and body. The development and higher state of consciousness can be possible with the control of body and mind. So, you can come out from the ordinary life and you can move towards the dreams and goals.

Unfoldment of great within for using full capacity of brain:

For using total capacity of brain you should move towards the unfoldment. In this you have to train your brain to keep away from the low self respect and think in a better way.

When you thrive to unfold the great within, you can only focus on one task. So, meditation will help you to focus on your past experiences, which will gain strength for future experiences. This can be done with the help of subliminal mind.

Subliminal mind:

Subliminal mind is the compartment, which stores your extra energy learning’s and sayings. You can use extra stores in the future implementation.

The stressors [Stress and Stressors] which you try to forget are also stored in the subliminal mind. You should take care of stressors to relieve them from interfering in how you perform and manage.

You will find knowledge by soul searching the subliminal mind with unfoldment of the great within to grow on and become stronger for the future. Meditation will help you in soul searching.

You can achieve better results in unfoldment than using subliminal learning. By following this, you will use greater neuronal capacity and you will be more happy and enlightened.



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