How to Deal with Disappointment Effectively and Positively?

Disappointment is explained as a state of mind with the feeling of sadness or displeasure that happens due to the non-fulfilment of a person’s hopes or expectations. This feeling is very close to regret and mainly happens due to personal choices.

Many people can overcome disappointment because they have a stronger state of mind, willpower, confidence and balancing attitude. However, most people cannot bear the emotional trauma of disappointment and commit further mistakes to complicate the situation. Here are some constructive ways to deal with disappointment –

deal with disappointment effectively and positively

Develop the Clearer State of Mind

With a disappointed state of mind, your heart and soul is dragged down to a lower state of consciousness, where the thoughts are revolving around fear, grief, sadness and apathy. You need to think logically and clearly despite all these hindrances. Start meditating and bring your consciousness at a positive level neutrally.

Get Involved in Positive Activities

Obviously, when you are depressed you will not feel like doing anything at all. The challenge lies here to convince yourself and gear up for a constructive task. It can be anything that you like to do – reading an inspiring book, visiting friends, going for a movie or a concert, joining a NGO, visiting orphanages, old age homes etc where you meet many more people who have greater reasons for disappointment but still they smile and laugh.

Go for a Cleaning Spree

Many experts have confirmed this to be an excellent way to “detox your mind”. When you get engaged in cleaning the nooks and corners of your home, your mind gets distracted and also you come across many old memories and objects that might bring in some positivity to your mind. You can also opt to clean your garden and plant new samplings.

Get Involved in Sports

If you loved sports once and did not get time since then, today is the right time when depression has engulfed you. The more you sweat out and release your body heat and energy, the more your inner self will get relaxed. Swimming, badminton, tennis, water sports, skiing are some of the example of sports that perfectly aid in dealing with depression.

Think of your Desires and not Goals

The state of mind is not right to think about office targets and career; instead think of the desires that you always yearned for and could not do due to lack of time. Pamper yourself with all those activities – it can be a relaxing spa time, spending “me” time in a resort, exclusive shopping, or bringing a pet home. Pay attention to your underlying desires and go ahead without looking back!

Take up the Paper and Pen

Writing down your aggressive feelings is the best way to let them out. Write down whatever comes to your mind and do not try to reason out while writing – just let it out! Once it is done, do not read it just burn it or tear it into pieces and throw away. This implies that you have given away the disappointing thoughts and looking forward for a new start!

Disappointment helps you to become a better person as you always learn something new from the previous experience. Following the previous tips, if you can tactfully deal with disappointment, you will surely emerge to become a stronger individual.


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