Thesaurus Day – Resolve This Day to Be a Better Communicator

Today is Thesaurus Day, so named because Peter Roget, the creator of the first ever Thesaurus was born on this day in 1779. Take the opportunity, this Thesaurus Day, to improve your language and vocabulary, which can contribute to becoming a more effective communicator.

peter mark rogetFree online resources such as and not only help you with meanings and synonyms of words, they tell you how to pronounce words, help solve puzzles (and we know how important those are to keep our brains in fine working order and keep memory loss at bay) and many other tools.

In addition there are many other kinds of Thesauri such as

  • The Thinker’s Thesaurus which offers you unusual and erudite alternatives to common words – to make you sound clever and articulate and to challenge your intelligence at the same time
  • WineSpeak is a vinous Thesaurus of “36,975 Bizarre, Erotic, Funny, Outrageous, Poetic, Silly and Ugly Wine Tasting Descriptors” designed to enhance one’s wine vocabulary
  • The American Heritage Children’s Thesaurus brings an educational angle to the concept of the thesaurus, which is illustrated and easy to understand
  • The Shakespeare Thesaurus is for those who enjoy literature and archaic usage that has fallen out of use


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