The Pitfalls Of Procrastination And How To Avoid Them

From time to time we have all been guilty of this – of procrastinating and putting off for tomorrow what we really should be doing today. Here are some tips that will help you avoid the pitfalls of putting off, procrastinating, avoiding, call it what you will:

Prioritize: This may sound obvious but it bears repetition. It is amazing how many of us get caught up in the inconsequential stuff and relegate to the back burner the important stuff that really needs doing.

Make a to-do list and then if required make it again in order of priority; itemizing the really important stuff at the top and going down to the less consequential stuff. Also if it really is not important, strike it off the list, don’t let the less important stuff clutter up your priority list.

prioritizing things

Free up your time by cutting out the lesser items so that you have fewer urgent things to do and you feel less daunted by the enormity of things to be done. Paring down that list will have a positive effect on your ability to perform.

Make a Start: Make the extra effort and just make a start. Just starting can be a major stumbling block to getting things done. They appear so forbidding, so onerous at times that you keep procrastinating.

However, when you do make a start, you find that it is not as much of a task after all, and as progress is made, it becomes more enjoyable and less daunting. As you see the progress you make, you will then find yourself eager to complete the task at hand and perhaps even inspire yourself to do more; to go on to the next task at hand.

Start with something you like: Cut yourself some slack if there is a lot of work to be done. Start with something that you enjoy, or something you will find easier to complete. This will help you make that all-important start and then you may be inspired to keep going.

Make it enjoyable: If you are not looking forward to getting stuck into something, try and make it enjoyable. Suppose the house needs cleaning which you have been putting off for a while.

So to motivate yourself to get going, make up a playlist of all your favorite music that will get you into an upbeat and active mood and inspire you to get going. If you have been thinking to make a start on a weight loss program, see if you can enroll in a fun class of some sort, or make a pact with a friend to work out together to make it more enjoyable.



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