The Natural Flow of Self Improvement

Self ImprovementWithout putting too much thought we all experience improvements. Think about all the improvements that you have accomplished since you are born.

You improved how you ate for one thing; first you suckled, then you ate with your fingers, and then you adapted to learning how to eat with utensils.

You made these changes in eating because of hunger. You desired more bulk and you wanted to get it into your mouth faster.

Initially, liquids were doing fine, but your hunger grew and you preferred solids. You had to learn how to handle solids with your fingers and then you mastered utensils.

The experience of going from sucking to eating with a fork was a normal progression and we all learned how to do, if we have normal cognitive ability.

This is even applicable to any self improvement task you want to conquer. It is just a matter of wanting or desiring something and then going about the tasks of accomplishing that desire.

The flow

In simple terms, the flow starts with a want or desire.

  1. I want to lose 10 pounds
  2. I want to be able to balance my checkbook
  3. I desire to learn how to dance

The flow continues by learning how to get from the point of not knowing how to do the specific task to the point of understanding how to achieve the task. When we understand or gain knowledge about how to do the task, we can easily accomplish the tasks.

We may take a class, read a book, watch a video, or listen to an audiocassette. Somehow, we must gain the knowledge in order that we know what to do.

  • Someone who wants to lose 10 pounds may read a book such as Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution, by Robert Atkins, M.D. or Choose to Lose by Dr. Ron Goor and Nancy Goor
  • Someone who wants to be able to balance their checkbook may sit down with a customer service representative at their local bank where they can learn how to use a checkbook register, the importance of recording all transactions and how to keep a balance total.
  • Someone who desires to learn how to dance may take online lessons from

We can obstruct the natural flow by negativity and by not being open to new ideas. Negativity is when we say things like: “I can’t stop smoking because I have been smoking all my life”. “I can’t lose weight, my body is just made to be this way” Natural flow is obstructed by a negative energy.

Our bodies are not made to be obese. Our bodies are made to move and we obviously crave the right foods. It is normal to be the correct weight. The natural flow is prevented by our own bad eating habits and dislike of exercise and the result is obesity.

Addictions to cigarettes, and alcohol and drugs work much the same way. It is their natural state to be free of cigarette smoke, free of illegal drugs and alcohol for our bodies want to be healthy.

When we take that first puff made us cough, that first sip of an alcoholic beverage we gag. These reactions are how our body tells us that what we are doing is not natural. When we listen to the natural flow of our body we are healthier. To get back in sink with this natural flow we need to:

  1. Listen to our body
  2. Seek professional guidance, individual or group support
  3. Believe in our ability to achieve our self-improvement goals
  4. Educate our self about how to improve the situation


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