The Benefits Of Using Affirmations

AffirmationsAffirmations are when you see people in the movies looking into the mirror and they say to themselves, “You are a good looking person!” or “You are very successful”, or “I love myself”.

Have you seen this occur in movies or on TV before and wondered what they were doing or better yet, thought you might like to try that for yourself?

This is called saying an affirmation and the benefits of affirmations are large and numerous. Did you know that you can actually essentially reprogram yourself and your thought processes to be more positive by saying daily affirmations?

There are different kinds of affirmations. You can produce different feelings, emotions and results depending upon what your goals are and what kind of affirmations you will be concentrating on during your daily affirmations.

There are daily affirmations for success and there are daily affirmations for weight loss. There are also daily affirmations for alcoholics and drug addicts as well as daily affirmations for mothers and daily affirmations for fathers.

There are daily affirmations designed for people with depression and anxiety and there are daily affirmations designed for people with cancer, AIDS and other terminal illnesses.

There are also daily affirmations written and designed for people of a particular culture or religion. And there are daily affirmations designed and written for people who have no religious affiliation at all.

Overall saying a daily affirmation or a multitude of daily affirmations is a way of ‘talking yourself into’ believing something. For example if you are suffering from low self esteem you can say daily affirmations to build your self esteem.

And if you are looking for motivation in the career arena you can say daily affirmations that will help motivate you to become a more successful and more driven person with an incredible work ethic.

You can actually produce specific images and words into your mind by saying daily affirmations. These specific images and words can then in turn create prosperity for you, increase your self-esteem, help you to deal with addiction or depression, help decrease your anxiety and even bring about a feeling of peace while centering your attentions on your abundance and success.

Affirmations have been utilized for centuries by all different kinds of people for all different kinds of reasons. Daily affirmations have saved the lives of some people who just needed to consciously go to a more peaceful place.



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