Some Simple Tips For Self Improvement

Self Improvement TipsYou are headed in the direction of self improvement of something that you are really bothered about.

You decide to improve upon this element in your life. It may be a body image, a character “flaw”, a habit or how you do something. The decision must be made for the right reason.

Doing something for someone else rarely breeds successful change.

Self improvement of something because we see value in doing it can motivate us enough to in fact see the process all the way through to success.

The following tips will help you make smart decisions regarding your self improvement:

Be Aware Of Your Self

”Be true to yourself” Bobby Vee wrote these lyrics in his song by the same title. Part of the lyrics are:

  • Be true to yourself and you’ll always be true to me
  • Be true to yourself and you’ll be the girl that I want you to be

Bobby asks you to follow your heart. Being smart with self improvement asks you to follow your self. You must first know who you are to follow your self. Understanding what makes you “tick” will help you to realize what improvements would be counterproductive to being true to yourself.

Maintain Your Self Esteem

To have a good level of self-esteem [Building Self Esteem] is one of the most important things that you can do to be happy with your life. It may seem tough to have self-esteem at times, but you just need to remember that you should set yourself realistic goals within your life and learn to accept the things about yourself that you cannot change.

By simply respecting yourself, you may be able to find that you are much happier with the way things are going in your life. Find an activity that you enjoy, and focus on bettering yourself within that activity is one way of gaining self-respect.

Beginning a program of exercise can also be very helpful when it comes to making your self feel better. It will help you to improve your body as well as your mind, as regular exercise releases neurotransmitters within the brain that help to keep you happy.

Keep an Open Mind

It will be not easy to think in new ways if you are not open to receiving new ideas. A student learns only when the mind is open to accept new ideas. Be willing to open your mind and explore the possibilities.

Think Outside the box

When you are on the path of making improvements you are going to be doing something you have not done before. Thinking in the same thought patterns will lead you down the same paths. You need to be open to new ideas to think outside of the box.

Use Resources

When it comes to learning about the topic of your improvement make sure to be smart. Read books, join online forums or local groups to learn. It will be helpful for you to gain knowledge by networking with others, and particularly alongside professionals so you can make better decisions.

Be willing to respond

Making improvements requires a response to something new. You must be willing to respond to new ideas and ways of thinking.

We are sometimes asked to respond by taking action; sometimes the response that is required is a way of thinking.

Trust In Yourself

Believe in who you are and trust in the purpose of your improvement. Trust in your abilities. Believe that you can do it, and see yourself achieving your improvement. Envision the moment in your head.

Realizing that the Circumstances

Another key to happiness is realizing that the circumstances of your life are within your control. You should know that while there are some things about your life you cannot change, there is a world of possibility out there and there are plenty of solutions to most problems if you work at them.

If you feel like you are plagued with problems, you should write a list of all of your problems out. Once you can see exactly what is upsetting you, you can put together a plan of action for dealing with the problems in the best ways that you know how.

Plan to Succeed by have a written set of goals

Start everyday with a TTD (things to do) list. This list will highlight what you aim to achieve that day concerning reaching for your self improvement goal. Those who fail to plan, fail to attain their goals.

Know what it is that you want to achieve and when. Write it down. Keep your TTD list visible as you go about your day. Electronic planners are great for keeping important items at hand.

Financial Status

Another important factor when it comes to a person’s level of happiness is how seriously they take their financial status. When you get caught up in worry over material possessions and your finances, it can be tough to be happy with the rest of your life. [Setting Financial Goals]

While it is important to get by in life, you should also ensure that you are placing realistic expectations upon yourself and ensure that you are not taking the things that you do have within your life for granted.

Take Action

Do not let your self-improvement goal stay on paper or in your head. Get out there and take real action towards achieving your goal every day.

Find or Keep Your Sense of Humor

Making self improvements can be trying at times. Having a sense of humor during the process can help you to survive the time between starting and finishing the improvement.

Finding the irony in situations or being able to see the comedy in the everyday stuff can lift your spirits and help pass the time.

Share Your Achievements

Think about where you were prior to your self-improvement achievement. How did you feel about yourself. Do you see others around you struggling or feeling the same way?

Do not be afraid to share your journey with others. Your achievements can inspire others to reach their own self-improvement goal.



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