Shy? Here Are 3 Ways To Overcome Your Shyness

shynessBeing shy[overcome shyness] can be a painful. Being shy, you can feel left out and misunderstood, you can suffer in silence at public get together situations and never quite express yourself.

  • Start by practicing conversations with people you feel comfortable with. Don’t be embarrassed they will admire you for wanting to better your situation. Ask someone close to you about themselves and listen intently when they answer. Practice asking follow up questions to that individual as well.  After your practice conversation with this individual retain what you just learned and remember to ask a follow up question to them the following time you see them.
  • During your next conversation with someone pay attention to how many times you use the pronoun ‘I’. Use of this pronoun can be a turn-off when you are talking to other people. It is also just best that you get used to talking about other people more that is what will make you an exemplary conversationalist.
  • Always remember that social situations do not have to be painful they can actually be enjoyable. Practice the above techniques and all the while just remember that being out in public and being with friends can and should be fun and enjoyable.


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