Self Improvement: Slowing Down

Self ImprovementIn the present modern society, many cultures are moving with lightening fast.

People set self improvement goals of getting organized, getting more done in a day, or of meeting more people fast.

However, people should consider the possible self improvement goal of simply slowing down.

It isn’t an easy goal to make in this day and age, but it is worth a shot.

A fast-paced world results in a population of rushed people who are stressed and overloaded.

This does not mean to say that a quick pace is all that bad; many people go about their lives at a quick pace and are thoroughly content.

Unless and until people try the slower pace, people will never know that it is right for them. It is a good idea to make an attempt at slowing down when setting goals for a course of self improvement to see if a less hectic lifestyle helps everything else fall into place.

Be Selective

Slowing down does not essentially mean that people should sell their condos to go live by a lake and fish everyday. Rather, it refers to being more selective about the activities people choose to engage in.

Instead of saying yes to every obligation – baking cupcakes for the kids’ classroom party, chairing a volunteer organization, meeting a coworker for racquetball after work – people should decide which activities are truthfully enjoyable and truthfully advantageous, and then say no to every other invitation.


How nice would it be to not have a calendar filled with activities? Wouldn’t it be great to have a couple of nights free to just see where the night winds up? People’s time becomes amazingly less rigidly planned when they stop loading up their calendars with obligations.


Families benefit from more downtime too, as they get to spend more time together doing spontaneous activities rather than simply getting shuttled from one activity to the next. One of the great reasons to try to slow down is breaking the monotony.

People Become Healthier

People get healthier when they slow down and spend less time running around accomplishing various tasks. A fast paced life lends itself to stress, which in turn can have a physiological effect on a person.

People may find that they are getting sick less often as people slow down, they have more energy, and they usually have a higher sense of wellbeing. More downtime allows for people to in fact rest their bodies instead of being in constant motion. Keep in mind, a body needs to rest once in a while.

It is fine to revert back to old habits if a person tries to slow down and winds up miserable. A slower pace is not for everyone, and many people thrive on staying busy and involved in every little thing.

However, until a person makes a conscious effort to slow down, they will never know if it really suits them. There is no harm in trying, and it may in fact be one of the best self improvement goals a person makes if it leads to a more peaceful life.



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