Self Improvement: Plan on Success

Self ImprovementPeople you plan on success will definitely achieve their self improvement goals.

They take steps to map out what they will do to accomplish their success. Success just doesn’t happen by chance, not for most of us.

Success happens because we believe it will happen and we plan to have it happen to us.

First of all, you need to have a goal in mind, so that you can achieve it.When you have a goal in mind, you construct a plan to accomplish that goal.

A plan is like a roadmap to a far away city. You have never been to this city before therefore you will get lost, except you look at and follow a roadmap to that city.

You need to first where you are now on the map; then, you find where the city is, that you are going to on the map. Then you draw a line connecting the two spots on the map. This is your route.

You may have to change highways, or even take a toll road, but by looking at the map you will be able to map your path between your starting spot and your destination spot. Then you take action to move from the starting spot towards the destination spot.

Until you reach the destination that is your goal, you keep moving along your route. Taking detours will lead you away from your goals and lengthen the time it will take to accomplish your goal.

You are most likely end up in you finding out that you are lost somewhere between your starting spot and your destination by trying to reach your destination without your map.

Steps to mapping out your plan and making the journey

  1. Mark clearly on the map your starting spot clearly. Know where you are now. It is easier to celebrate your arrival if you know exactly how far you have traveled.
  2. Mark clearly on the map your destination goal. If you cannot see your goal you will not know which direction to move in.
  3. Follow the map. A map does you no good, if you do not follow it. Do not make things up as you go, follow your plan.
  4. Should you find yourself on a detour, stop and ask directions to be sure you get back on the right route.
  5. Do not lose your map, it is the only way to prevent you from becoming lost
  6. Keep your map in a safe place and refer to it often
  7. Keep your eyes on the destination goal and remind yourself often of why you are going there.
  8. Reward yourself for safely arriving at your destination
  9. Celebrate each stop along your route as you rest and refresh yourself. Pat yourself on the back for sticking to your route and not getting lost.
  10. Remember your journey and the feeling you felt as you arrived at your destination. You will require this memory the next time you are ready for self improvement.

Do you have a self improvement goal? Are you ready to map out your plan for success? Are you aware of your starting point and your destination point? Do you wish to follow the map?

Planning to successfully accomplish you self improvement goal is all about moving from where you are to where you want to be and moving with a reason and a plan.



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