Self Improvement: Bring Your Family Closer Together

Self ImprovementSelf improvement may not necessarily always include one person, it can certainly include more than one person, and many times the members of the person’s family are included in a person’s quest for self improvement.

Since a person’s the happiness and well being are greatly affected by immediate family, and sometimes the extended family, it is important to consider bringing the family closer together when someone decides to set about a course of self improvement.

Nevertheless, people may have terrible days at work or school, but it can make all the difference if they come home to a close-knit and loving family.

The sizes of families vary. A "family" translates into themselves and their spouse for some people, while other people live near scores of relatives and so consider all these people as members of the immediate family.


Disagreements and squabbles can easily occur among groups of people who love each other, but the hope is that the disagreements are fast resolved and do not result in any sort of life-long feud.

When people find themselves in the situation of having a major quarrel with a family member that has continued to remain on for years, it can sometimes turn into something uglier which forces other family members to take sides.

In situations like these it takes one of the members of the argument to swallow their pride and resolve the situation.

Along with the people immediately involved, resolution to quarrels even helps all the family members who are involved simply because they love both of the quarreling family members.

One aspect which should definitely be explored is resolving any conflicts with relatives and close friends if a person is trying to make his or her life better.

Everybody will not have dramatic quarrels with family members, and instead are merely looking for ways to improve family life. People should consider the ways which will bring them closer to their family. [Improving Relationships]

Sacrificing for Each other

One of the first things to look at is whether a person is putting himself or herself first instead of the family, everybody in the family should be making sacrifices for each other, and if a system develops where only one person is giving 100% then there needs to be some changes.

Families should also have a habit of spending time together as a family unit. Just as the saying goes, "The family that plays together, stays together."

Ask your Family Members

The best solution in a situation where a person is in doubt over what the people in his or her family want is to simply ask the members of the family.

People might be surprised that the dearest wish a child has is not for a game console or a shiny new bike, but instead they desire quality time with parents.

The same goes for spouses. Several times a husband or wife would love to spend time with a spouse, but they feel too timid to ask for fear of appearing needy.

Asking the family members of their true wants and desires can work wonders if a self improvement goal includes bringing the family closer together.



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