Positive Influences On Your Self Improvement Success

Self ImprovementWhile making self-improvement goals, you can find things that you can do to make sure your success.

They all have to do with having a positive attitude and positive energy.

Positive influences are those things that we do or say that make us feel good about others or ourselves. Positive influences can shape good personal character.

These positive influences on your self improvement goals can come from home, church, school, peers, co-workers, friends.


Our parents generally have a major influence on their children. They model behavior for their children to follow, good or bad. As children grew they become more conscious of how our parents manage various life situations.

And good outcomes of these things will have a positive influence their kids to follow in their footsteps. Bad outcomes will cause kids to keep away from following in the same footsteps.

The environment in which we grew up can have a positive or negative influence on us. A loving, stable home life will provide the kind of positive reinforcements that will allow children to grow up healthy and strong in character.

An unstable or violent home life will have a negative impact on the psyche and ability of kids to mature or cope with circumstances.

The positive attitudes essential to feel confident about achieving self improvement goals can be obtained from the positive influences from your home, whether that be from your parents or from the home environment.

Peers, co-workers and friends

These people in our lives can also create positive influences for us. They encourage our efforts at self improvements. These people support us when we get lost along the path, or when we fail.

We confide in them, our self improvement goals and discuss with them how to go about attaining them. We value their input and are uplifted when we get positive encouragement.


For those who attend the school, as well as the community, school officials and teachers as well as fellow students can have a positive influence.

Positive influences can come from teacher-pupil relationships, curriculum, extra-curricular activities, and the friendships that are fostered in the school environment.

The school environment just like the home can have both negative and positive elements depending on the people and factors that exist in the school. The community also can have a positive influence through monetary donations that support positive programming in the school.

The community members can opt to contribute to the school programs through volunteer positions.

Children learn values in both the home and school that can affect the choices they make in life; including the options relating to self improvement. Positive influences form home and school reinforces the idea that we can succeed at what we set out to do.

By the positive reinforcements awarded to us in school and at home when we attempt to accomplish tasks and succeed, we learn how to believe in ourselves. Even our failures are opportunities for positive reinforcement and encouragement.


Our spiritual and moral character gets affected positively through the church environment. Many of our self-improvement goals center on moral issues. Generally these goals involve behavior.

Uncomfortable relationships or have unhealthy consequences for our bodies are created due to inappropriate behavior. Behavior that may cause us to desire to make self improvements might be: having multiple sex partners, being involved in crimes of violence etc.

Some of our bad habits start when we forget what is good for us and become well-established in doing what is harmful for our bodies and or our minds.

The church can have a positive influence on us to understand how such inappropriate behavior is harming us and others, which leads us to set self improvement goals.

Positive influences in the church can be found from congregational members, pastors, church programs and in the faith doctrines that are taught and followed by church members.



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