Overcoming Criticism Successfully

ocercome critiscismIn Dale Carnegie’s own words: “Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain…and most fools do…” This in essence is what criticism is all about, and how we take criticism depends on our general attitude towards life, and how we see ourselves.

When someone criticizes, for instance, some work that you have done, even though you have put in several long hours to complete it, you may think, “Why is it that he is smarter than me? Am I that stupid?” or you may think, “I have had enough. I quit!” or, “I will kill him for what he has said to me! Who does he think he is? I know better than him!!!”

Don’t worry; these are all typical reactions and there is nothing at all wrong with you. However, it would help you greatly if you were to learn a few tips on how to handle criticism and take things in your stride.

  • First and foremost, learn to enjoy criticism. Take everything with a sense of humor, and also make up your mind that you will try to avoid making the same mistake the next time.
  • Be aware that every single person in the world will have his or her own opinion about everything there is. Therefore, if someone says hurtful tings about you or your work, learn to think that there are several other opinions on the same piece of work, and that all the opinions need not be negative; there may in fact be more positive opinions than negative, if you really think about it.
  • Also be aware that all criticisms are not personal and directed at you specifically. There may be some people who would wish to vent their frustration or anger at their own lives in the form of criticism against another, and you must learn to be aware of this so that you may continue with your good work and not become intimidated with derisive comments. However, you must also sit down and think about whether you have actually done a bad job, so that you may be able to make the required changes, if they are truly necessary.
  • Do not get angry with criticism; know that this is way of knowing what other people think of you and of your work. Take things in a positive way[Positive thinking], never lose your temper, do not become disheartened, and make the changes where you think they are needed.


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