More Sleep Plus Less TV Equals Better Sex?

The “Sleep in America 2010” poll that was making headlines all last week told us that most Americans are not getting enough sleep and that various problems related to health and wellbeing are connected to this.

About a third of those polled said that their quality of life was negatively impacted by their sleeplessness. Up to 23% of the respondents even said that their sex life was negatively impacted.

Now take these statistics with how the respondents responded to the question ‘What do you do the hour before you go to sleep?” An overwhelming majority reported to watching TV just before sleeping.

good night sleepSo, one can draw the conclusion that it is this TV viewing that is cutting sleep time and what is probably responsible for people not getting the amount of rest that they need.

What we can also infer from this is that viewing TV is an activity that is probably interfering with people’s sex life as well.

Rather like a vicious cycle, watching too much TV results in people ending up with too little sleep and then feeling sleepy and improperly rested the following day which in turn reduces interest in sex or libido.

So somewhere it may make sense to break this vicious cycle of lack of sleep and TV viewing and less sleep and restore a healthier balance in life.

Source: Psychology Today



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