Listening to Others can Be a Great Way for Improving Your Personal Fulfillment

Listening and HearingDay after day someone dies or some thing happens, which sets him or her back from all their plans. Listening is the key to helping others move on.

Difference between Listening and Hearing

There is a difference between listening and hearing. When you tell someone that you heard them, is does not mean that you understood what they said, but you picked up on the waves and sound.

When you know someone who needs a friend, you should sit down with them and listen to them. That means that you have to stop everything that you are doing and pay attention just on them.

When you are able to focus on them, then you can hear the sound waves and understand the message that they are trying to tell you.

You can greatly benefit from listening to others. Not only can you help them move on and grow, but you too will learn from their mishaps and improve your own personal fulfillment. It helps you to listen to your friends.

Reduces Stress and Worries

Almost every worries about something, but sometimes the worrying can, actually, seriously hurt them. There are several people who get so stressed out or worried that they will get sick or develop painful muscle spasms.

And with this pain caused by stress, some people will lay in bed all day, unable to get out of bed. Are you aware of the fact that stress can take years of your life? In fact, stress can result in high blood pressure and then you could die from stroke or heart attack.

Did you know that stress could actually kill you? That’s why it is so important that you talk to others. It’s also why you should listen to some of those who you love. If you honestly believe that someone near you is stressed, then you need to take them out and talk to them and listen to them.

Along with saving your friend from dying early, you will also feel better knowing that you reached out. You can grow by listening, because you can avoid things based on your experience and others. It’s the stories that truly teach a person to grow and to live life like it was intended.

Feels Better

Listing to someone can be one of the most important things that you can do for a friend or family member. Most of the time, people are just waiting for someone to say something to them. You need to just reach out for someone. When you reach out to someone who may be in need you feel better about yourself.

This will help you to grow as helping others makes people happy. When you feel needed, you feel like you can grow to be strong enough to help and save the world. It can be a good boast to the ego and things will seem easier for you.

You should not change the topic if you feel uncomfortable about the subject that your friend or family member is talking about. You need to listen to them; you don’t have to say a word.

You will want them to know that you are there for them and that you are there to help them through their problems. You will feel better about yourself once they are able to lean on you because you will be needed. People love to be needed, but you will also grow from them.

With these experiences, you would be in better position to know what you should and should not do in certain situations. You will be also in a position to find out how to handle situations and comfort others. If you can learn how to comfort a person, you may know exactly what it takes to make it through life and become a very successful person.



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