Jealous Person? Here Are 3 Tips To Overcome Jealousy

jealousyFeeling jealousy is a horrible emotion to feel. You feel as if you do not have any control over the situation.

Whether you are jealous of the girl your fiancé is talking to or whether you are jealous of the co-worker who just got praised by your boss; jealousy is a horrible emotion to feel.

1. Being aware of the feeling of jealousy is your number one goal and the first step to overcoming jealousy.

Once you are aware that you are jealous and once you have clarity as to why you are jealous and all the reasoning behind the situation you are one step ahead. Even if your jealous feelings are justified the feelings are not productive.

And, even if you realize your jealous feelings are not productive you still need to discover a way to deal with them. Instead of reacting in a manner you will later regret, by awareness and clarity you should be able to better act upon the jealous feelings.

Also being aware that jealousy stems from the core issue of insecurity is a step toward ridding yourself of unbearable jealousy and emotions. Now, always remember that some level of jealousy is just a natural human emotion. Yet understanding your insecurities are leading to your jealousy and should aid you in dealing with those emotions as well.

2. Depending upon the situation whether it is a significant other’s relationship with a member of the opposite sex, a co-worker who is climbing the ladder faster than you or even a sibling who is getting more attention, you need to recover a sense of personal power for yourself.

By getting control of and recovering your personal power you will also obtain control of your emotions and you will in turn be better able to deal with and refrain from any inappropriate reactive behaviors that might come naturally.

3. The third step to overcoming jealousy is two-fold; you need to identify the beliefs you have that are triggering those emotional reactions such as the jealousy as well as develop control over your mental attention so you are better able to consciously decide what scenarios are playing in your mind and what emotions you are left to feel.

For example instead of picturing your co-worker getting a promotion because she is pretty you may want to envision the fact that she has worked really hard and stays late nights and isn’t able to maintain friendships due to her career path. That way you will not only be more sensitive to the situation but also to the co-worker and you will see her as more human.



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