How To Handle Toxic Friends In Your Life?

toxic friendsAre you fed up with your toxic friends? However, no relation ship is absolutely perfect in this world, but some relationships can actually drive you up the wall.

When different characters or personalities combine to form a friendship, then the results can be either with fortune or chaos.

Certain friendships can actually go wrong from the beginning or it can eventually cause you great frustration and also discomfort.

These kinds of depression or frustration can actually take place if at all your friendship is involved with a toxic friend.

Though it is very difficult for you to recognize them in your life, at least try to learn how to handle those kinds of toxic friends in your life.

First of all distinguish the toxicity!

This is the first step which you have to consider in handling toxic friends. Try to identify the persons who are extremely toxic and stay away from them as possible as you can. However, it is not essential that persons, who are toxic to you cause harm to others too. So, never try to judge any person in front of others. But, if you feel that they are toxic to you, just try to stay away from them.

Try to figure out the type of toxicity!

In fact, you can come across various types of toxic friends. Some of the most toxic categories can certainly include a promise breaker, double crosser, discloser, fault-finder, competitor, self-absorber and even many more. Try to identify the type and take appropriate measures to handle those particular persons.

Dare to discuss with your other friends!

If at all you are feeling much depressed or frustrated with your toxic friend, then try to talk to your other friends regarding his\her cunning behavior. This can help you to get better suggestions from others to deal with your toxic friends.

Take the responsibility!

If you really like your friends, instead of knowing that they are toxic to you, try to take responsibility to face all kinds of situations, which you are going to face further.

Repair toxicity in your friend!

If you have decided to continue friendship with your friend, then try to repair or make him\her to realize about their toxic qualities. This can help your friend to realize their mistakes and also helps you to continue healthy relationship with your friends.

Set your limits!

Try to make good boundaries for yourself and start taking better care of yourself. Give more preference to your self-care rather than pleasing your toxic friend. Never try to involve in any matters of your toxic friends and try to stay away from them as much as possible for you.

If at all you are having any problem with your toxic friends, try to implement these tips in handling toxic friends.



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