How To Decrease Your Anxiety Through Daily Affirmations?

AffirmationThe experience of an anxiety or panic attack can keep you living in fear of having another anxiety or panic attack which can ultimately result in a vicious circle that is difficult to break.

Worrying about the possibility of an impending anxiety or panic attack can scare you so much that it actually will bring on another attack that typically would not have surfaced.

The experience of an anxiety or panic attack can be that scary where people literally work themselves into another one simply being concerned about it.

By saying daily affirmations or even saying affirmations every other day or as often as you can will actually help you to calm yourself, help you to find a sense of peace and drastically reduce your chances of experiencing another anxiety or panic attack.

The bottom line if you are an individual who suffers from anxiety is to remember that you do not have to live in a constant state of fear and anxiety in fact you will simply learn to deal with the anxiety you are experiencing in a more positive way.

Each morning that you wake up, be thankful for where you are and who you are. Be thankful for waking up, period. If you find yourself thinking about a possible anxiety attack or feelings of being panicked, turn those emotions around and think positively that if that should happen you will be able to control the situation and you will make the anxiety episode shorter than usual and much more bearable.

Think realistically, however also think very positively that you will overcome and you will have the ability to control your fear.

Basically, daily affirmations for the individual who experiences anxiety and suffers from panic attacks and fear is simply a way of taking control through positive affirmations so they are not sitting around waiting for anxiety to take control.

Your specific fears are or your specific issues are what you will need to concentrate on. For example if you need to say to yourself in the morning, “I no longer need to be frightened. In fact, I can and will overcome my fears because I am the one who is in control, not my anxiety.”

Or, maybe an affirmation along the lines of something different like “I allow myself to receive the light of who I am” if you are a more spiritual type of person will better benefit you and your specific anxiety issues.



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