How High Self Esteem Affects Relationship With Others?

self esteemPeople who have a too high esteem of themselves can cause quite a few problems to those living and working around them and to themselves as well.

If you are a person with too much self esteem you will find that you have difficulty in relating to people around you and will often come up with obstacles that could be avoided with a little more thought for others.

These kinds of people also cause damage to those, who, on the contrary have a low self esteem of themselves.

The main characteristics of those suffering from high self-esteem are generally those people who show off a lot and are usually self-satisfied.

They are apt to feel they are superior to others and are arrogant about it, they abuse relationships putting themselves in front of others and can become harassed and annoyed if they do not get what they want.

Those with a high self-esteem will automatically assume an air of egotism if they have a particular talent or are successful in life, they will not realise they too have faults and therefore, are not likely to improve them.

It is important that a person who has an over confident attitude realises that he has a real problem and handicap to overcome, and must work to correct it.



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