Harnessing The Power Of Mind To Improve Your Life

If you know what the placebo of the placebo effect is, then you know how very powerful the human mind can be. In medical terms, the placebo is the inert drug or mere sugar pills administered to a patient who is told that this is the actual drug. Placebo is the sham surgery that was never performed but which the patient thinks is performed.

Based on the administration of this placebo, people heal themselves, without the aid of exterior intervention; without actually undergoing the treatment that they think they are undergoing. The point here is that it is the mind that is healing the body, getting rid of infection, disability and disease and not the treatment!

power of mindConsider how, for so many of us, half our aches and pains seem to disappear, the minute we pick up the phone and speak to our doctor. A doctor who is reassuring and knowledgeable, who quickly makes a medical assessment and takes charge of your situation can be so comforting, that your recovery begins then and there.

The placebo effect is in fact a charge often made by those who are skeptical of the efficacy of alternative and complementary therapies.  Take the instance of homeopathy for instance – the principle of homeopathy is the Law of Minimum, so that very minute dosages of medication are administered to heal.

It is the contention of the skeptics that this is just not enough to actually help a person recover or heal and that this is nothing but a placebo effect; that it is the mind that believes that it is feeling better or that it is the mind that has actually brought about the healing/recovery.

It is the same with Reiki – which works by transferring healing energy in the form of chi (qi) through the palms. Many are of the view that Reiki works for some; only because they believe that it works for them, because they want it to work for them and they convinced the mind to make it work for them.

Consider some of the stories we hear from time to time – that of a person miraculously becoming cancer free, or being able to overcome paralysis when the doctors said they would never again walk and so on, sometimes without treatment. You can call it a miracle or you can call it the power of the mind, but it is a fact that the mind can often accomplish things in ways that we cannot fully comprehend.

So remember to have faith in yourself and in your mind – we don’t yet fully understand why the mind is as powerful as it is; all that we know is it is very powerful and it would be a shame not to harness that power to our advantage.



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