Explore Your Hidden Divinity With Unfoldment Of The Great Within!

Explore The Divinity Hidden In YouIn all the variety of the species present in this world, only human beings can experience the pleasure of achievement of the divine self.

Unique expression of divinity existed in the deeper level of an individual. The thoughts which are present in divine self perceive reality.

Divine self is the treasure house for all success, tranquility, peace, happiness and creativity. This will help you to understand the mystery of life, transparency to analyze your position and this uplifts you from the trivialities in your life.

This will help you improving the skills which are present in you. You can step forward in your life with increasing virtues and decreasing vices. Negativities of life are not affected on you and this will provide you the confidence in fighting against injustice for your rights.

Selfish and self-centered had increased in the people due to the increase of competition among them. One more thing is that the distractions in the outside world had attracted the people towards it.

These distractions take you away from reality and virtues of your life. As you grow up the thoughts become more and more contaminated with the negatives in life.

To overcome above problems you should maintain self-awareness in your life. For maintaining self-awareness you should recognize the virtues and vice in your experiences.

You can fight against external sources that lure your personality. This is possible only if you are aware of yourself. With self awareness you can develop optimistic approach in your life.

Methods to explore the divinity:

Process of meditation:

In order to realize your inner self you have to practice meditation and yoga. Practicing meditation will maintain the link between outer and inner self. Meditation makes you hear the inner voice.

Meditation process is carried in three stages: they are self exploration, self regulation and self transformation. Meditation techniques provide you self regulation. Self regulation helps you in making aware of breathing and provides you relaxation of both mind and body.

After self regulation you initiate the process of self exploration. This process helps you in extending your ability and makes you analyze yourself.

After the completion of self exploration, you should move into self transformation. This process will enable you to transform yourself to divine being.


Yoga therapy is one of the physical exercises which will give you the same effect as meditation. Yoga and meditation both will help you in improving concentration power, focus on your goals and aspirations in your life. Meditation and yoga will help you both psychologically and physically.

Some other methods for self-realization are – long walks, spending time with oneself away from the hassle of the everyday life, and color therapy.

Color therapy by way incorporate a few soothing colors in our wardrobe or in our room calms our mind. This further aids in realization of self and develop strength of character.

If you want to know your inner skills, you should know about your divine self. This will help you in the future.



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