Dealing With The Aging Process And Feeling Fabulous About It

aging processFirst of all I am a firm believer that the new 20 is 30 and that 40 is the new 30.

Make sense? In other words if you are in your early 30s it is actually the equivalent of the early 20s and if you are in your 40s you are actually considered to be in your 30s.

Regardless, dealing with the aging process can be quite difficult no matter how you look at it and no matter how positive you try to remain.

As you get older the first things you will notice are the quality and appearance of your skin as well as possible wrinkles. [Wrinkle treatment]

A friend once told me she firmly believes that women get more beautiful as they age. It’s like they are adding wisdom and beauty to their skin and body.

I always think back to this when I consider the fact that I am not as slim or toned as I used to be. Nor is my skin as flawless and tight as it used to be.

These are such beautiful changes and it only behooves us to go through this process gracefully. Think about it women, when you see a man that is combing over what little hair he has don’t you just wish he would shave his head or go bald gracefully another way?

And think about it men whenever you see a woman who is in her late 30s or early 40s and wearing a mini-skirt don’t you think to yourself how nice it would be if she put on a nice and classic pair of trouser pants?

We can look at the pictures of us in our 20s when we were fit and taught and had beautiful skin and be sad or we can look at those pictures and look at ourselves now and think, look how far I have come! Look how much more wisdom and experience I have; look how many people’s lives I have had an impact on, look how many more times I have smiled and laughed to get these smile lines!

When you are at a restaurant and you see a group of young twenty-something men or women don’t scowl at them and get irritated by their behavior; instead think of how much farther you have come in the pursuit of your dreams and how much you have accomplished.



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