Are You a Control Freak? Top Signs That You Are One

A Control Freak is a term ascribed to a person who tries to control and dictate how everything around them is done. The control freak is the person who typically tries to persuade, to pressure or even manipulate others into thinking or doing things their way.

There are plusses and negatives to being a control freak – While it could mean that a person is something of a perfectionist who makes sure that things are done properly and to their last detail, it could also mean that a person is a micromanager and is unwilling to trust anyone to do a job independently and is both unwilling and unable to efficiently delegate.


Ask yourself the following questions to find out whether you are a control freak or even a borderline control freak-

1. Do you have to be in the drivers’ seat; literally? A control freak will get physically uncomfortable if they are in a car that someone else is driving.

If not actually backseat driving (comments such as “slow down”, “don’t dawdle”, “whoa; that was close!” etc.), you’re foot is reaching for the brake and the accelerator even when you’re sitting in the rear.

2. Do you often tell a child to stop doing anassigned chore and do it yourself? Suppose your 8 year old is supposed to clean his room every Saturday, but most of the time you end up doing it for him, because he can never do it properly.

Not only is the child getting the message that he’s doing a bad job, (one would have to be realistic about an 8 year old’s abilities here), he may find this a convenient way to get out of other chores.

3. Do you get uncomfortable if a house guest offers to cook a meal? Are you the king or queen of your own home? Can you not tolerate the idea of anyone in your kitchen, using your cookware to cook for your family?

4. Do you always feel that there is a better way to do something than the way that someone else is doing it? Whenever you see someone doing a task, you usually have a suggestion about how to do it better – you probably have advice about how to cook a dish in less time or make it more tasty, or do the laundry more efficiently or prepare a better power point presentation.

But then you’re surrounded by such incompetents is a thought that often crosses your mind.

5. Do people around you think that you’re a nit-picker or a fault finder? You may think you’re offeringconstructive criticism, but it could be that you come across as overly pedantic. You may mean well, but when someone seems not to want your opinion you should be able to withhold it.

6. Do you feel stressed and upset if you have an unscheduled wait for anything? A control freak will typically love order, a schedule and a sense of things happening in their correct order. If someone is late for an appointment, or if there is an unexpected wait at the dentist’s clinic, there are the sorts of things that can really cause annoyance and upset out of proportion to the inconvenience caused.



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