Being Productive In Life

Increased Productivity increases the chances to succeed. These may look like simple words having simple meaning, but need lot of effort in fulfilling. Old adages do prove to be valuable in times like these where in order to have a fruitful life we need to prove ourselves more.

It is enhanced productivity that brings about more value to life, in short the more you give the more you receive. And this is no mean task, it needs a lot of effort and persistence in achieving what we intend to achieve.

But what is life if we haven’t made an effort to enrich it. Yes we need to go that extra mile to make our lives enriching. And how do we go about it? Here are some tips that may guide you to walk the extra mile to increase your productivity.

1. Choose a mission

Increasing productivity will be much easier if you have set a mission or a goal in life that you believe you need to reach. It will excite you, energize you and empower you to endure all the obstacles that come your way.

2. Always remain positive

There is nothing that you cannot achieve if you set your mind to it. Your attitude to your goal is determined by the strength of your mind. So talk to your mind, replacing all the negative thoughts in it with positive ones, whenever it raises a doubt or a fear.

3. Remember to have fun

Having fun is an integral part of raising your productivity. The more you love a job the more fun you have, the more fun you get out of the job, the more productive you become. Simple isn’t it? Well put it to test.

4. Find your inner strengths

Your productivity increases if you find you are doing something which you love to do or have the knack to do so. You will find the job easier to do when you know you are good at it. So find your strengths and weaknesses and focus more on your strengths. You will end up loving the job.

5. Plan meticulously

Take time to plan your activities. Anticipate the hurdles that you are likely to face and be prepared to face them. Do not be afraid of those hurdles, remember life is no fun without hurdles and it is fun we seek when we are on a mission. So it is always better to be planned than be caught off guard.

6. Be informed

Keep yourself informed of all the things related to your task or to your mission. It is always better to be informed about the task you are undertaking or are doing. In doing so you are keeping abreast of all the things that you may encounter while doing the task.

7. Have a role model

Always have a role model who you feel has achieved the impossible. It is always motivating to have live examples of those who have undertaken a difficult mission and achieved it.

8. Realize your peak time

We all have our peak and ebb times. Some work best early mornings, some at night. Find out what is your peak time and ensure that you use it to the hilt.

9. Exercise

A healthy body boosts a healthy mind. Exercising boosts your energy levels to a high throughout the day, keeps you concentrated and focussed on things with much ease.

10. Remain calm throughout

No matter what the odds are remember to keep your cool and your mind focussed on things, leaving the unnecessary and distracting ones out of your mind. It isn’t easy to keep your mind free from all things distracting, but then you need to get rid of them by calming your mind.



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