Avoid Procrastination In Three Simple Ways

We are easily tempted to put off things which we can do for today. We always have reasons to wait for tomorrow or until the deadline to work on our assigned tasks.

Temptations are around to divert our attention to unimportant matters and sadly, we are often carried away.

We often fall into the trap of procrastination. So how can we avoid it? Here are three simple ways to avoid procrastination:

1. Stick to your schedule

    If your boss asks you to work on something, you have to do it right away especially while you are still at the office. Do not wait for him/her to remind you over and over again. Start immediately so you can finish right away.

    2. Practice self control

      You need to control yourself to avoid procrastination. If you have a lot of things to finish and your friends ask you to go out with them, learn to say no. Prioritize those which are of more importance.

      3. Motivate yourself

        Think of your rewards once you have accomplished something on or before the deadline. Motivate yourself intrinsically and extrinsically to avoid procrastination.

        Procrastination can pose as a hindrance to success. To avoid it, you must stick to your schedule, practice self control, and motivate yourself.



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