50 Things To Say Before You Die

You’ve read the lists that compiled the 50 or 100 places and things you must see and do before you die.

These lists are great for reminding you how short life is and for showing you what you’re missing.

This list is a little different; it compiles 50 things to say before you die.

Why such a list? Because you’d be surprised how little people express their selves and say what they need to say to those who matter. You don’t want to be on your deathbed before you utter these words.

You need to say these at the appropriate times and with true meaning behind them. Reading them now does not count.

1. Thanks for everything you’ve done. – Say it to your mother, father, grandmother, or sister; whoever deserves it. Say it when it’s least expected and when it will make the most impact.

2. You’ve changed my life.

3. I need you.

4. I’ve only got one life to live. – This will give you tremendous motivation.

5. Nothing can stop me.

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