Tips To Be More Assertive

Neither too much aggression nor too much passivity are desirable traits, generally speaking. Yet a healthy dose of assertiveness could do a lot of us a lot of good. Here are some myths exploded that could help you with being more assertive:

It’s a myth that if you put your needs first, you are selfish: A person with low self confidence or one prone to anxiety, ought to remember that is not a smart thing to always put yourself last and always ignore your own needs. Not only is this self defeating, it also makes one feel frustrated and manipulated. It adds to the feeling that one is a general dogsbody.

self confidenceIt’s a Myth that it is best to agree: It is sometimes easy to just agree with others; go with the flow and choose the path of least resistance.

When you agree with someone when actually you don’t, this is dishonest. Besides everyone is entitled to their own view, why should not you have your own? Stand up for your views, you will think better of yourself!

It’s a Myth that you can remain in control by not expressing hurt: If you think that not expressing your feelings of hurt will help you remain in control, think again. This will just add to your inner anger, and frustration which will ultimately harm you or seek an outlet against someone else.



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