Self Confident Children – Activities that Boost it to Ultimate

Anyone will tell you that being a parent is a full time job and when you become one, the top most priority of your life becomes your child. A confident child who has a sense of self esteem and self worth is a treasure not only for the parents, but also the society at large and the world. Making a child grow up to become an individual, who is oozing self confidence, cannot be achieved in a day or two.

games to boost self confidence

It takes the continuous efforts of both, the teachers and the parents instil this sense of confidence and self worth in them, right from the formative years.

The Formative years are the most Important:

When a child is younger and just starting out in preschools and primary schools, it is the responsibility of the teachers and the parents to see to it that they use games and activities which have been specially designed to boost their self confidence. Now, the world is divided, when it comes to the question of who has more importance in leaving an impression on the child and make him or her more self confident, is the school, the teachers or the home environment and the parents. Well, it is common that children need love and affection as well as attention in their growing up years and the way they are moulded and shaped will leave a deep impact on them all their life.

The following games and activities are well sought after when it comes to instilling a sense of self confidence in children:

  • Simon Says – This is an example of an activity which if used properly can definitely lead to the growth of self esteem and self confidence in children. This game focuses on letting the children gain self confidence by working in a group and since this is a group based activity, it has to be presided over by a teacher, who can control the group and elicit the responses from the children. Generally children, who are confident, will have no problem in participating in this case game, compared to the more self conscious children. The teacher can use the game or activity to ask children about what they like or don’t like. For example the teacher can say “Simon says, if you eat your greens, touch your nose” and more.
  • My Family Book – This is again an activity designed for children where they need to make a book or a scrap book about their family and the family members and once the scrap book is done, they can narrate their stories to the class, and this has been known to be a very potent exercise which helps in increasing self confidence and self esteem of children.
  • Bead Necklaces or Bracelets– Children can be given beads to make necklaces and bracelets, but the teacher has to have a hawk’s eye on them, as these beads can be choking hazard for them. If required children can be divided into groups with each group being monitored by one teacher or teaching assistant. The beads should represent something positive in the children and once they are done making the necklaces and/or bracelets they can talk about what the beads represent.

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