Self Confidence

Self ConfidenceSelf Confidence Meaning

You need skills, discipline, determination, capability and self confidence to be able to achieve a goal. Self confidence is belief in yourself and your abilities.

Self confidence comes from having the right kind of skills and clarity of goals that is to be achieved. The clearer the goal, the better the focus of mind and self confidence.

People who lack self confidence had never achieved any great. A capable body and mind will not function to their greatest potential unless and until it is not backed by self confidence.

Therefore the self confidence is the hinge on which all the creative and analytical abilities of the mind rest on.

Low self confidence can weaken the functioning of both the body and mind, resulting in failure. Self confidence is the measure of one’s collective ability to march right ahead to achieve a said goal.

The visibility factor

Self confidence has a way of being visible. You can tell whether a person is confident or not by just observing the very manner of a person walking, communicating, working, socializing, as to whether he is confident or not.

The confidence level of a person can found out with the very first handshake itself. A self-confident person truly stands apart. Drooping shoulders, undecided steps, falling jaws are not the characteristics of a confident person.

Confidence is infectious; the very existence of a self-confident person has a tendency to charge up the air around him. For a confident person automatically everything falls in place, and the world stands apart for the man who walks with sure, confident steps. A confident person commands respect as well.

Self Confidence And Goals

With the help of self confidence great things can be achieved. If a person lacks in confidence, all the skills and efforts possible are useless. Low confidence halts your steps and you cannot take initiative.

At the time of decision making, Low self confidence will paralyze both the body and mind. It leaves you undecided and the undecided are swept away. There is no place for the undecided in this world where success is worshipped, and success seldom comes to someone who is undecided.

As the old saying goes, you must stand for something or you will fall for anything – and it’s your confidence that holds you together or breaks you apart.

Confidence isn’t hereditary nor it is genetic. Nobody is born confident. Confidence is acquired, it is learned, it is practiced, it is improved And confidence can be generated.

Before you can make any efforts to get better with confidence, first you need to realize the importance of confidence. It’s very much in your hands to develop a self-confident behavior.

Confidence brings out the fighter in you

It is said to achieve something you first you need to one has to take risks to achieve something. As we have all heard that there is no gain without pain. So what is it that enables one person to go ahead and take risks while another is held back?

It is only a confident person can come out and lead from the front without caring for failure. It is self confidence, which differentiates achievement from failure. It’s sometimes the bald guy who takes the girl because he has something more than the handsome guys around.

Yes, you guessed it right, the bald person if full of self confidence that makes the lady weak in her knees. Confidence in themselves was behind scores of people who broke the shackles of a well- paying, “secure” job to pursue their dream of creating something, being something and ended up building great businesses.

Surely people’s belief in their dreams and immense self-confidence had turned these seemingly ordinary men and women who were stuck in the nine-to-five ordeal into successful entrepreneurs.

Be A Confident Person

Confidence isn’t just an asset in this present competitive world. It forms the very basis of your survival. You need confidence in facing the interview for getting a good job means you need to be confident in the interview. Again at the work place you need confidence for getting a raise, again, needs.

The confident individuals are the individuals who get attention. Acceptance comes along with attention and acceptance brings love, peace and energy that make you efficient. Efficiency makes you an achiever and achievement makes you even more confident.

And when you are confident, can happiness and riches be far behind? Make sure that you are never out of this magical twist. Believe in yourself, get going; tell yourself that you have it in you. Because ultimately the one who wins is the one who thinks he can.



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