The Most Effective Self Confidence Tips for an Interview

In most interviews, the interviewers test the self confidence and personality of candidates rather than the answers to questions themselves. It won’t be wrong to state that self confidence is the most important trait needed to make it through various kinds of interviews including job interviews, college admission interviews, visa interviews and others.

But not everyone has the same level of confidence and may need to follow certain tips to develop it. The following are the most effective set of self confidence tips for an interview.

effective self confidence tips for an interview

Conduct a Mental Rehearsal

One of the best ways to feel confidence of yourself and your preparation on the day of the interview is to conduct a mental rehearsal of the interview as that will help you be prepare for all the questions and situations that might arise. Focusing on positive images in your mind can release the feel good hormones or endorphins in the body and this can make you feel more confident and much better.  Replace the negative thoughts with positive.

Think of Why you are a Great Candidate

Another way to feel more self confident during an interview is to list all the reasons in your head that make you a suitable and rather a great candidate.  The list can be both related to the technical aspect as well as personal qualities which make you better than other candidates. This will infuse certain positivity and self confidence in you and this very confident can take you through the interview process.

Sing a Happy Song in your Mind

Listening to sad music or humming a slow song can turn your energy and confidence levels down. On the other hand, if you listen to and hum a happy and energetic song in your mind on the day of the interview, it could really make you feel positive and self confident.  Find a song that pumps you up and has upbeat and positive vibes.  Make it your job search anthem and see how it makes a difference to your interviews.

Practice, Practice, Practice

It is important to practice a lot in front of the mirror while watching both your vocal skills and your body language. Practice definitely makes a man perfect and will help you be thorough with your practice.  Practicing will also make you come across some questions which you may not have prepared for, thus further polishing your preparation.

Talk to People Who Believe in You

We all have that one person or set of people who believe in us no matter what. Talk to those people one day before or on the morning of the interview and see how it pumps you up. You will immediately begin to feel more confident and positive about yourself and this will definitely help you out during the interview process. Count your positives, listen to what people who love you have to say and try to bring their positive energy and faith in yourself.


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