Role of Self Confidence in Crafting a Brilliant Student

In all situation of life, Self-confidence comes useful. Having sufficient self-confidence helps students experience the stress of school and college education, thus making a strong foundation to build their future.

What is seen as the most important factor that ascertains the performance of students in school is neither intellect, nor energy or talent.

What is? You guessed it right – it is the quantity of self-confidence a student has which decides how much he will be able to make use of his talent, energy and brain power! Let’s see how self confidence makes students rise higher.

Be it an adult or a child or a student, everybody has lots of tasks to complete and self-confidence is essential to perform tasks successfully. Presume the case of school-going children. With so many subjects, they undergo a lot of stress. Class tests, debates, term papers, assignments, presentations…the list seems ever lasting.

What he writes is what he gets

Students should know that their result score depends upon what they write and not upon what they are. Irrespective of how genius a student is, based on what he writes in the answer sheet at the time of examination he is awarded marks.

A little anxiety, uncertainty, and lack of self-belief can let confusion descend and make it difficult for him to undertake even the simplest of questions.

A confident student, however, is capable of keep his calm and is able to answer questions he has not actually prepared for! Such is the effect of self-confidence!

They gather lot of friends

By engaging themselves in subject discussions with classmates, self-confident students make lot of friends. This kind of involvement keeps them well informed on the latest, and acts as a platform to judge their knowledge as compared to other counterparts.

In a common place, discussions also bring various viewpoints to the forefront, thus inspiring everyone by giving a multi-angle view of the topic. As compared to other students, self-confident students therefore gain manifold advantages.

Being in a group also help them know about the latest in the field of education, the latest learning software, a certain book which contains a lot of practice questions, an interactive CD recently released, an invite-only seminar on career guidance, scholarship tests of various universities, fee discount on certain courses and so on which keeps them dealing with the opportunities ahead and help them tailor their efforts for specific targets while other students keep distant and depend on whatever they can gather in a single handed way.

Winner is always winner

The marks of term papers, round of applause during presentations, admiration from teachers and the opposite sex (don’t neglect this great confidence booster!) boost confidence to help students perform even better in the final exams.

Once delightful, these students right away get an edge over other students, close competitors, and get the ball in their court.

The one who has tasted appreciation and acceptance desires it even more. These students will work harder to remain in the limelight. Success, therefore, becomes a habit for these students. And why not, they have the utmost weapon to take on their opponents – their self-confidence!

Self-confident students take advantage of the classroom

Asking questions in the classroom requires certain guts to stand up and disrupt the teacher to ask a question, and it needs self-confidence to do that.

On the other hand, a student missing self-confidence might not stand up and ask the teacher to give details once more although he is struggling to get a concept right. This creates barriers to their learning, as many things remain uncertain to them that require further direction by the teacher.

Self-confident students are able to pay more attention to the teacher in the classroom as they build up a natural will to be successful and outdo others. They are more determined and do not hesitate to ask questions.



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