Never Let Other People Set Goals For you

When you set a goal do not allow others to restrict you by telling that your goal is unrealistic. You have an option. Do you permit others to set goals that overpower you and leave you with feelings of disbelief and terror, especially when you fail to reach them? When someone else repeatedly sets goals for you, your sense of confidence is diminished.

You can let their limited vision persuade you by telling yourself that they’re right or, you can persuade yourself by using positive self-talk that will help you concentrate on fulfilling your goal. Utilizing positive self-talk will prepare you for taking the necessary steps to make your goals a reality.

Take shape your goals and needs than change you’re self-talk clearly defined. It is the primary step toward attaining them. Then, contravention up your goals and needs into manageable parts helps you to see what extra steps need to be taken to get the results you need. Initially, setting your views to achieve a moderate amount of success is the best way to reach your goals. To reach your goal, move forward and develop a practical plan to reach immediate success. This will help you overcome overwhelming feelings of doubt and terror. As you complete each objective celebrate your success along the way.

What you tell yourself affects your emotional life. Take action to change your self-talk changes your self-image, awakening your awareness. When your emotional life is affected, your mental and physical life is affected as well. This highly interactive and reciprocal condition forms the basis for all personal, behavioral and motivational change.

Changing your self-image will create a change in what you do and how you do it. A positive change in your self-image is a powerful asset to help you create success in your life. You increase your probability of following through on a job when you set the goal yourself.

Once you reach the goal than your confidence will be increase. Experiencing a positive change in your self-image raises your self-esteem. Your heightened sense of self-esteem allows you to appreciate yourself for who you are and the qualities you possess: “I can and I will change my future!” “I can and I WILL change my life!”

When you change your self-image, you change your life. Changing your self-image also has an effect on others. Once you begin to see and experience changes in your life, you will ultimately help others to change. Showing concern, and expressing yourself in positive ways, can change the other person’s sense of him/herself. You have a choice. You can either encourage or discourage the beliefs of others.

By changing your self image and increasing your self-esteem, you will help others to increase their self-esteem as well. In a reciprocal relationship, when you respond favorably to someone, or express yourself positively, most of the time the response that is returned will be a positive one. Encouraging others will change the image they have of themselves. When you change your self-image, others will believe that they can change their self-image.



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