Low Self-Esteem Symptoms

Low Self-Esteem SymptomsLow self-esteem people rarely live their life to the full. They distance themselves from others. For this reason they denied their love and support. They rarely, if ever, make full use of their capabilities.

Instead, they end up brooding about the injustices of life. These kind of people with low self esteem are a loss to themselves, their family and to society. Some of them even take to crime, alcohol and drugs.

Uncomfortable With Success

Regularly, low self esteem people are uncomfortable with success. They tend to believe that they don’t deserve success, and they have no clue as to how to appreciate success.

Sadistic Pleasure

Simultaneously, if things go wrong they do not hesitate to blame themselves. They take sadistic pleasure in telling the world that they knew things would go wrong. This is an important low self-esteem symptom, and needs to be treated at the earliest.

Degrading Themselves

People suffering from low self-esteem also have the habit of degrading themselves. They repeatedly tell themselves that they are not good enough and that they are bound to fail. After sometime this negative self-talk turns into a negative self-belief.

Move over this kind of people also try to induce negative thoughts in people around them. They also gravitate towards people who suffer from similar problems. This ultimately results in making them to feed on each other’s negativity, and become much poorer individuals than they initially were.

High Level Of Dissatisfaction

Another symptom of low self esteem is high level of dissatisfaction. There are people who spend all their time complaining. They neither see a positive thing in themselves nor in others. This pessimism eats away their self-belief, and wears away their self-confidence. In contrast, people who value their abilities enjoy high self-esteem.

Brooding About Past & Worrying About Future

Yet, another symptom of low self esteem people, is that they spend most of their time brooding about the past and worrying about the future. They don’t spend enough time living in the present. Thus, they don’t enjoy the present, even if it may be full of success.

The net result is that they prevent themselves from enjoying life, and make themselves unhappy. It finally results into a vicious cycle that feeds upon itself, and prevents them from breaking out of their negative mould.

Rarely Relaxed And Always in Search Of A New Job

This type of people are rarely relaxed and at ease. They keep looking for different jobs and types of work. Because that they lack self confidence, they are always looking for something else to do. They drift from one crisis to another, and blame fate for their misery.

Few of them, in order to get temporary boost in their self confidence, take to alcohol, drugs, food, sex etc. But this rarely helps them in the long run. They fail to create a sustainable feeling of happiness and satisfaction.

Problem In Getting Close To Others

Another problem of people with low self-esteem is that, they have problems getting close to others. They are not comfortable with closeness and create barriers to prevent people from coming close to them.

They don’t like to open up to people and to disclose their innermost thoughts. They may be nursing some old bad experience with someone who let them down when they were most vulnerable or who caused them a lot of pain. By forcing themselves to live in a world of self-denial they are doing a great damage to themselves.

They fail to gain from the company of others, and keep establishing themselves deeper and deeper into their negative world. They may ultimately reach a stage where they may be declared beyond salvage. But this is not good for society.

People with low self-esteem must be helped. Their symptoms of low self esteem must be diagnosed, and help provided if they have to be turned into useful members of society. This help can be given by family members, friends, teachers or by trained psychologists.



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