Impact of Self-Esteem on Confidence

Self Confidence On our confidence and on the quality of our lives, self-belief has a profound effect.

If a person considers that to solve problems, he lacks basic skills, then he may lose heart and give up.

On the contrary, a person who has less abilities but who believes in himself stands a much better chance of being successful.

This is for the reason that his self-belief gives him the confidence to try.

Many faces of low self esteem

In fact, at parties, meeting, conferences, and at social or official functions, lack of self-esteem stands out like a sore thumb. Individuals with low self-esteem avoid introducing themselves to others.

They wish to stay in the shadows, outside the sights of others. However, their colleagues who take pleasure in high self-esteem dominate the discussions. For information, others seek after them.

To other meetings and parties, they are also invited — all because their self-esteem gives them the confidence to open up ahead of a group of strangers. It is the same student syndrome that is reflected in an individual’s working life as well.

Low self-esteem also lowers an individual’s self-confidence. In order to boost his confidence unnaturally, he takes to liquor or drugs. Nothing can be useless or dangerous.

Such behavior further wipes out an individual’s self-esteem. Building self-esteem, which is not easy, is the best way to break out of this pitiable situation.

The individual has few options but to begin life afresh. The best is to look for a new workplace and a new set of friends, since it is easy to handle people who have no fixed notions about you.

Significance of Self-Respect

But nothing will work until the individual develops self-respect, and the self-belief that he is as good as others.

He must understand that he is not the only one who has strong and weak points; the others too undergo from the same defects. The only variation is that the others expose their strong points whereas he exposes his weak points. All that he needs is to change his priorities. He will find the indefinable self-confidence.

Have you ever wondered why only a few students in a class ask questions? Is it because the others have understood all the points made during a lecture? Or is it because they are short of the confidence to ask a question? Typically, it is the fear of making a fool of themselves that obstructs students from asking questions.

In other words, they not have self-confidence. Start believing in themselves is the only ways this confidence can improve.

Building Self-belief is also important

In order to accept the failure, self-belief gives us the confidence. It teaches us the importance of positive thinking. Those who have self-esteem don’t complain failures; instead, they search for why they did not succeed.

They search for lessons that can be learnt from their experience. This is not a simple issue of semantics. It is the influence of positive thinking, and it is available to only those who have self-esteem.

This is why self-belief is so vital. It gives a person the confidence to look for the moon. It engulfs negative thoughts, and drives away the fear of failure.

It is the best remedy against self-flagellation, which turns several talented persons into under-achievers. It gives the students the self-assurance that they have nothing to loose.

In contrast, by asking a question, even if it happens to be a silly question they realize that they have everything to gain.

To enter a new group, and become a part of it, once again, it is self-esteem that gives us the confidence. Those who lack self-esteem are very unwilling to approach a new group.

They don’t want to depict themselves to the mockery of being seen as shy, nervous, or ignorant. Instead, they would prefer to stay in their corners.

A fine example of a man who believes in himself is Abraham Lincoln. He lost every election until he went to the Senate and stood for the post of the President.

In professional and personal life, he did not let his failures to erode his self-belief. Had he done so, the history of the US would have been different.



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