How Affirmation Helps You To Develop Self Confidence?

Self Confdence through AffirmationAffirmation has been found to give people powerful boosts to their self-confidence.

An affirmation is positive self-talk; it is a strong, positive, direct statement. It should be short and precise and have no qualifications.

Positive statements are important to the process. Make sure you use only positive words in your affirmation.

The subconscious can drop negative words easily. Instead of saying “I do not feel inadequate” say, “I feel adequate”.

Affirmation statements should be stated in the present tense, as though you already possess the quality.

Don’t qualify the quality. For example, don’t say, “I will feel more worthy”. Instead, say “I feel worthy”.

Although the wording seems only slightly different, the meaning to the subconscious is very different. Always check your affirmations before you start using them to make sure they are positive.

In order for the affirmation to be most powerful, use short sentences and meaningful words. Use everyday words whenever possible. The words should be straight to the point. They should be statements – not questions or orders. A statement is a declarative sentence.

Everyone has unique affirmation that works best for them and their particular situations. The statements that work best are the ones you write especially for yourself. You know what areas you need to concentrate on.

You also are the best one to write the affirmations in language that you will understand the best. You can write the best statements that match your specific goals and personality. Using them that someone else has written may not be as effective.

Affirmations may be in any form that works for you. They can be written or verbal. You may repeat them silently or aloud.

You may write them on index cards to look at when you can, write a daily affirmation on your calendar each day, or choose one affirmation to use for a longer period of time. You can mix up them as well.

You may have many different types that you use intermittently. Some people use sticky notes to post affirmations, or you can write them on paper and tape them to places you look at often in your home.

You can record your affirmation and play them in the car or on the computer or music player.

To work best, affirmation needs to be believable. By their very nature we know that they are not something we have achieved yet, however, they need to be something real that can be achieved.

If you make up an affirmation that is too far-fetched, you won’t let yourself believe it and it will stifle the use of your other statements.

Examples of some well-written affirmations:

  • I am confident
  • I do my best
  • I love myself
  • I am happy
  • I am successful

When you write your own affirmations you can include your specific goals. You can use affirmations for many things, such as to lose weight or stop smoking.

Using Affirmation Techniques:

  • Write down 5 positive things or things you like about yourself.
  • Write down 5 negative things or things you want to change about yourself.
  • Examine the list and expand or change it if needed.
  • Now, take the list of things you want to change and write a positive sentence about your ideal self in relation to this thing.
  • Take this list and write 5 concise affirmations. Make sure to use positive statements.
  • Use these 5 affirmations daily for a week.


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