Defeating a Confidence Catastrophe

Don’t be affected by what people say or are likely to say about you. More important, you should not be worried about failure. Believe in the old saying that you cannot be victorious always.

Irrespective of your best efforts, there are bound to be failures, and setbacks in life. Take them in your stride. If there may be necessity, sleep over your failures. You will wake up feeling good, and confident. Don’t hesitate to let others know that you can manage your affairs. This will develop your self-confidence.

A confidence crisis is triggered by impediments like losing an important business order, division of a valued relationship or losing a job. When this takes place, even a small thing can send you over the edge, creating a useless crisis. You need to take control of yourself, and your life to protect yourself from such a situation.

Stop wasting your Energy

On things that can go wrong, stop wasting your energy. Consider the worst thing that could probably happen. You will understand that it is not the end of the world.

Focus on the subjects over which you have power and reduce your exposure to events over which you have little or no control. Keep an eye on your internal dialogue, and silence the negative voice that keeps criticizing you.

Perceive a Situation

A useful approach is to perceive a situation that bothers or worries you. Make a note of these points. Visualize people who have successfully crossed these hurdles, and ask yourself if they could do it then why can’t I? Think of yourself as someone who is brimming with confidence, and is about to take up the challenge. Make this a habit. You will find that you too can overcome these obstacles.

Self-confidence is more than a simple emotional state. It also flows from your physical comfort. Recurring exercise adds to your energy levels, and makes you feel fitter and confident.

Similarly, dressing well adds several notches to your self-confidence. Even simple things like sleeping well will make you feel better. In contrast, drinking to chase off you woes will add to your sorrow.

Raise your Voice

You must also learn to raise your voice. You are doing yourself a great disfavor, when you hesitate to speak. Very often, you become a hostage of your shyness.

Though you want to speak, but your shyness does not let you do so. This eats into your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Don’t allow this situation to continue. Always keep in mind that you may know more than your colleague who is the centre of attention since he has an observation on every subject. Only if others heard them, they may find your views more interesting.

Remember that Rome is not built in one day. Like wise, don’t think that you can change your destiny overnight. In order to change things, it takes time. What required is your belief in yourself. In overcoming any confidence crisis, it is a great help.

Note down positive things

Maintain a diary, and record all positive things that happen throughout the course of the day. You will be amazed to note the number of positive things that are happening close to you, which you missed earlier. This will help you think positively, and dismiss your doubts.

This will also break the monopoly of negative thoughts that had lowered your self-esteem, and produced doubts about your skills and abilities. Repeat to yourself every day that you are recuperating at what you do, and feel the difference.

In order to dwell on your relationships, take some time. If a friend is having a bad influence on your self-confidence or if the relationship is more of a burden than a pleasure, you are more affluent if you stop meeting that person.

Rather, aim to build new relationships with people you like and admire, and who are supportive of you. This will do your self-confidence a world of good. In turn, ideally, form a group of supportive friends and give them your support.



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