Becoming Comfortable With Being Assertive

assertiveMany of us have to struggle to become assertive and stand up for ourselves. If you have taken this positive step forward, congratulations!

You may notice that those around you may be having a bit of trouble adjusting to the new you.

Here are some ideas that may help you grow comfortable with the newness in yourself. Do not be tempted to go back to the way you were to please others.

Others will adapt and become more comfortable with you as you become more comfortable with yourself.

Remember that asserting yourself takes practice. You may want to plan ahead what you will say and how you will to say it. It is possible that you may have come across as being more aggressive than you have intended. Practice will make sure that you have just the right effect.

State your ideas and positions clearly, but directly. Know where you are willing to give ground and where you won’t. The more forethought you have, the more comfortable you will be expressing yourself in a new way.

Know that becoming assertive isn’t a one time thing. What you are doing is letting everyone know that you will no longer tolerate being in the background. You have shown that by demonstrating your assertiveness. Now is not the time to pull back. Keep going. You will be better for it.

All this may seem a bit contrived. Don’t worry; it is. You are still new at the assertiveness thing. Just keep practicing and before long it will become second nature.



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