Tips to Acquire a Confident Body Language

Body language includes non verbal communication methods wherein you may express clues to your purpose or thoughts though your physical behavior. Body postures, gestures, eye movements and facial expression speak for your emotional status which may be boredom, aggression, attentiveness, pleasure, amusement and so on.

People you interact with comprehend your body language either though instinct or practice. In corporate world, people often base your body language to determine your mood and your confidence level and hence resolve your abilities. Even if you don’t feel confident enough to handle a situation, practicing confident body language can enhance your self-esteem and thus make you better about yourself.

acquire a confident body language

Ways to Display a Confident Body Language:

Follow these tips to develop your personality and radiate confidence in others to perform successful social interactions:

Pockets are not a Safe Zone

Avoid putting hands in your pockets while talking to another person as it portrays that you are unsure about yourself. You might tend to shove hands in your pockets pertaining to the fear that they may shake and reveal your uncomfortable situation. Keeping hands out of your pocket depict that you have nothing to hide and is confident enough to handle the situation.

Stop Fidgeting

Fidgeting indicates your anxiety and nervousness. It draws attention and distracts the listener from focusing on what you are saying. Try to keep your gesticulations under control though you may move your hands for the purpose of describing things. Also, DO NOT shake your legs as rapid leg vibrations have similar drawbacks to fidgeting hands.

Maintain Posture

While sitting or standing always keep a straight posture pushing your shoulders back slightly as it is a major means of communicating confidence. Slouching is considered to be a protective pose that impede your positive impression on others.

Maintain Eye Contact

Always maintain a casual eye contact with the person you are interacting with as it reflects your attentiveness to the situation. Do not stare blatantly, but sustain a comfortable eye contact in social interactions. When speaking to more than one person shift your eye contact from one person to another consistently to depict your attentiveness to each one of them.

Move Slow

Rapid movements display anxiety. Walk slowly but take larger strides to reflect authority and confidence. Wide treads make you more purposeful and propose a personal tranquility that most people crave to possess.

Shake Hands Firmly

A feeble or limp handshake can portray your lack of interest or confidence. Gripping the other person’s hand firmly but with tenderness, radiates your confidence and concern.

Try to Lean Forward

While talking to the person concerned, lean forward as it displays your interest in the conversation and respect for the person and develops your dignified attitude and confidence.

Body language can convey your confidence and authority in a successful way and hence develops a positive impression about you to others.

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