65 Wonderful Tips For Improving Self Confidence In You

    Self Confidence

  1. If you start to feel anxious or self-conscious, find something to focus on and use all your energy to stay focused on that one thing.
  2. Be assertive, not aggressive
  3. Be prepared for other people’s words and actions
  4. Know that you are good at many things.
  5. Saying positive affirmations will improve your self confidence
  6. Use positive self-talk
  7. Take time to understand your true weaknesses
  8. Know your strengths and remember them
  9. Use positive words to describe yourself
  10. Avoid being your own critic
  11. Don’t over generalize
  12. You can develop self confidence by stopping blaming yourself for things that aren’t your fault
  13. Don’t say yes when you mean no
  14. Don’t take things too personally
  15. Stop trying to read other people’s minds
  16. Remind yourself that you are the boss of you
  17. Remember that you are worthy
  18. Learn the keys to compassion – understanding, acceptance and forgiveness
  19. Practice of active listening improves self confidence
  20. Get friends or family to support you as you gain confidence
  21. Evaluate your beliefs
  22. Don’t call yourself names
  23. Stop giving in to “shoulds”
  24. Remember that mistakes happen to everyone
  25. Learn to be aware of yourself
  26. Take responsibility for your actions
  27. Replace bad habits with positive thoughts
  28. Praise yourself when you do something good
  29. Use visualizations to achieve success
  30. Distinguish between your needs and your wants through which you can build self confidence
  31. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want
  32. Anticipate criticism from others, and be prepared to respond
  33. Use feeling words
  34. Writing specific affirmations yourself build your self confidence
  35. Put affirmations on your calendar or post around the house
  36. Set realistic goals for yourself
  37. Stop doing things that hurt you
  38. Work through anxiety
  39. Prioritize to-do lists
  40. Work through your fear
  41. Use mantras to get through tough situations
  42. Set a good example for your children
  43. Help kids become self-confident
  44. Praise your children when they do something good
  45. Be a risk-taker
  46. Put a positive spin on things
  47. Use challenges as an opportunity to learn to boost your self confidence
  48. Break large goals up into achievable smaller goals
  49. Don’t get overly confident
  50. Trust your instincts
  51. Think of at least one positive trait per day
  52. Stand up for yourself
  53. Know that your ideas are important
  54. Don’t take on other’s beliefs as your own
  55. Connect with your family
  56. Stop being judgmental
  57. Practice of compassion will improve self confidence
  58. Only take on what you know you can accomplish
  59. Use constructive feedback to grow
  60. Use a journal to learn more about yourself
  61. Accept yourself for who you are
  62. You can improve your self confidence levels by seeking professional advice when needed
  63. Learn time-management and organizational skills
  64. Recognize when others are bullying you, and
  65. Learn to stand up for yourself


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