Writing The Speech

One of the first steps to working toward becoming a public speaking star is writing the speech. The final speech should be free of errors, grammar issues, spelling issues and more.

The speech should be understandable and readable so that you won’t have any problems reading the speech. If you are having difficulties reading your speech probably you will have difficulty giving the speech.

You have to always be honest to write an inspiring speech. You must admit your areas of problem also while writing the speech. If you have difficulty putting a sentence in order, you will need to work on this problem. For instance, some people can’t seem to get past writing run-ons and fragment sentences. If this is one of your problems, admit and work on it.


You want to exploit creative visuals during the writing process. You can start by finding a peaceful area to visualize you writing the speech. Picture the speech written legibly without errors.

As you write the speech let go of those nasty little critters that hold you back, such as judging yourself critically. Also try not to focus on the sentences as you write them and let your mind freely express itself.

Each time you write in your speech try to write a sentence each time as clearly as possible. Each time you write your speech, pretend you are preparing to deliver a ground-breaking speech that will make you are star.

Writing And Fixing

If you feel you have a problem writing out of order, and while writing fix any errors you make in the speech right away. You may find yourself writing and fixing throughout the entire process however it will help you to write more effectively each time you put forth the effort.

While writing your speech try to keep the lines at a length, since this will help you to avoid cluttering. You want to make sure you cross your T’s and dot your I’s during the process of writing your speech. By doing so you will save time during the writing of the speech and while giving the speech…

Review The Speech

After you finish writing speech, you will need to review the speech and make sure it is readable and clear. If you notice any areas in the speech that seems difficult to understand try to resolve the problem area now. Mark the difficult areas so that you can return them if you continue reading through the speech. The best solution is resolving it now.

If you are typing the speech on the computer, print the speech as it will help you to see how it is moving along easier. Mark your areas of concern, as well as keywords, so that you can fix it accordingly when you get back to the computer.

Practice The Speech In Front Of The Mirror

Now you have written a sound proof speech. It is time to practice giving the speech so that you can prepare for the big day. It makes sense to stand in a mirror while you speak the speech out load so that you can watch your body languages and listen to your voice at the same time.

Try to make your voice clear and precise as possible during the practice as this will help you speak your speech on stage much easier. During your practice if you note some parts in the speech that just doesn’t seem correct, note it, and fix it once you are finished. Always keep a note pad with you as you practice your speech so you can note areas of concern.



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