Willingness to Work – How To Be a Public Speaking Star

As human beings our nature is a drive to learning. As we learn along the path of life we often hesitate and fall, as well as experience things as we move along. Sometimes those things we experience dull out senses and pressure us to give up.

Giving up or slacking is not the answer to becoming a public speaking star.

Your best bet is to roar up those engines if you want to be a public speaking star, because you will need a willingness to work through blood, mistakes, sweat, tears, and progress. You will also require using your brain as you move along.

Best Tools For Becoming A Public Speaking Star

Two of the best tools we have in our brains can drive us to becoming a public speaking star. They are creativity and intelligence. You join the two and you will see an amazing result.

Yet, the two tools in our brains are driven by work and perseverance. If you are not willing to give up, thus you are on the road to stardom. Still, you have to work. And this work will incorporate brainstorming, researching, and writing, rewriting, taking notes, and staying attentive.

At the time I have a cold which is dragging me down, along with a lack of willingness to work. Still, I persevere and move along, and my end result will bring me rewards.

My example is to let you see that while you don’t feel like putting forth the effort, you can still pick up your plow shares and move ahead anyway, knowing that rewards are the final take.

Similarities Between Writing And Speech

You might wonder how writing compares to speech giving, thus to help you see how writing and speech writing is alike, as well as help you see how significant it is to write the speech, we can consider.

Writing and giving a speech is not much dissimilar than writing itself in some ways. That is as you write the speech you want to make sure the words flow successively. The speech should have a start, middle and finish line, with the finishing line driving the point home.

The content of your speech should have nothing but facts, in which you can provide examples as references. Thus, writing includes using the brain to its fullest capability while brainstorming as you move along.

The steps to writing an efficient speech then are brainstorming. Put your capability to employ your mind to use by brainstorming the topic. What points do you want to make? Why are you giving the speech? What is the start of the speech?

What words can flow in the middle to start and finish the speech? What do I know already about the topic? Does what I know have references that I can validate the facts? How much research will I need to do? What areas of research should I consider?

You can move on and make records of the specifics after you have finished brainstorming and checking self. Visualize mentally, your words and overall point. Learn to accept and observe your physical discomforts as you move along.

Trust you and what you will learn from writing this speech. Use the discomforts to your benefit while accepting that giving a public speech brings on nervousness for everyone.



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