Want To Deliver An Effective Speech? Here Are Some Breathing Exercises To Improve Your Speech!

Public Speaking - Breathing ExercisesBefore starting any of these exercises, it extremely important that you have to master the breathing techniques and basics and give them each a try.

A variety of breathing exercises are:

Cleansing breathing through your nose:

Place your right thumb on your right nostril. Close it totally, firmly, but gently.

Do not apply too much pressure. Now inhale slowly and fill your lungs to its full capacity.

Change your hands and close your left nostril while exhaling slowly through the right nostril until there is no air left. Repeat with the reverse, starting with the thumb now closing the left nostril.

This will raise your awareness and the importance of breath in speech, which most people tend to ignore. The stronger your mastery of this basic technique, the better your speaking will be! Without even a word spoken, you have taken strides already in improving your speech.

Breath-holding exercises:

While counting upwards from one to five, inhale deeply through your nose, lungs and diaphragm. Now keep the breath in until you count to five in your minds-eye.

Release the breath slowly you can increase your counts, to 7, 9, 10, 15. Try and raise your capacity. As a cautionary note: YOU SHOULD CEASE IMMEDIATELY AT THE SLIGHTEST SIGN OF A DIZZY FEELING.

In-the-moment breathing or ‘Instantaneous breathing’:

Draw in air by inhaling quickly and with immediacy, through your nostrils and your mouth. Do so deeply and fully. Exhale quickly and equally instantly. Repeat it a couple of times.

Moderate enabled ABs or “abdominal breathing”:

You’re your time and inhale breaths of air slowly through your nose. Gradually, slowly, start filling your cavities with air and expanding first the abdomen, then the chest.

Go to your full capacity or filling with breaths for air until you feel like you want to burst! With short spurts of exhales quickly release the air until all parts of your body are back to normal. Repeat the process, doing it now through your mouth.

Drinking air through a straw and blowing it out:

Imagine yourself sipping the air slowly through a drinking straw until you are totally filled up with air and breath. Then try sipping in some more and drawing more air into your body.

It will take some effort and strain to do at first. Breathe out by simulating the ‘ah’ sound (like is father). Keep this release of breaths as deep and long as you feel and are able.


To get yourself started with this technique, start by inhaling gradually and quite deeply, to capacity. As you exhale count to fifty in increments of 10 (10, 20, 30…) and repeat it a couple of times.

Moving and using your breathing muscles:

Start by breathing normally. Then inhale deeply. Hold your breath and expand your lungs by using the muscles. You might feel some strain and effort.

Exhale slowly and gradually, releasing the breath easily and normally. Now inhale and force the air into your lungs and move your chest area up in the process, keeping the air in your lungs and hold. Now exhale.

Controlled breathing and whispering:

Take a deep breath and count upward in tens (10, 20, 30, 40, and 50) in a whisper then exhale in the same way in a whisper exhausting all the air your can with each metric passing by. Repeat it a couple of times.

Flat on your back breathing method:

To push the envelope and raise the bar of your prowess and mastery, try all these exercises lying flat on your back without supporting pillows. On the floor is best. What do you feel that is different?

Quick, speedy or rapid-release breathing:

Take a deep breath and exhale. On the next breath, really take a deeply inhaled breath. Fill your lung capacity, breath fully and deeply… all the way in.

Now release your breaths, small ones, rapidly through your nostrils as is panting. Exhale air through your mouth slowly. Rest and repeat a couple of times.

Reaching high up for the sky breathing exercise:

Put your hands together and raise them gradually and slowly above and over your head, trying to reach as high as you can go, filling your lungs and inhaling deeply as you go along.

DO THIS WITH YOUR HEELS NOT LIFTING FROM THE FLOOR. Allow your arms to gently release to your sides as your breathe out and release the air.


Inhale deeply as you slowly raise your shoulders upward. Keep inhaling all the way in until you are filled to capacity.

Keep your hands and arms at your sides, hold your breath, and slowly but firmly raise the shoulders up and down five times without letting of your breaths of air.Then, slowly release the air and breathe normally.



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