Tools To Deliver Us On The Doorsteps Of Stardom

What do you require to be a public speaking star? It takes a well-organized person, with the will to take risks, regard his fears as natural, and taking the steps to work toward success.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone said just do it, and you did it? Sure it would, but this is not how it works. Thus, to help you move along to success we will consider a few details of delivering a quality speech. Still, the list is short but it will help you grow.

You need balls to stand up in public – Sense of humor is always helpful – hint, self-awareness, practice, willingness to take risks, willingness to participate, a generalizing thought making plan, willingness to accept beyond your understanding, courageousness and relaxing tools to become a public speaking star.

Let’s start with these tools to see where we are heading in becoming a public speaking star. How can these tools deliver us on the doorsteps of stardom?

  • The first should be evident. You want to add spurts of humor in your speech, since people like to laugh and it will lighten the mood in the room. If you are not equipped with a sense of humor, learn a few funnies while writing your speech.
  • Self-awareness – Self awareness is a gift of nature, which we can all use to areas that we need to change, as well as see areas that will bring us rewards. Look inside you, especially while practicing your speech to see where you can change the speech to make it better, and where you can build on the strengths.
  • Practice – Don’t be fooled by the saying practice makes perfect. No one is perfect and nor can any of us advance to this level. However, you can practice before delivering the speech while using your self-awareness tool to move forward.
  • Willingness to participate – Giving a speech is a commitment. Don’t take on the project with the ideal that you are on the minor counterpart in this game. Rather, think like you are playing chess and realize you are the King. One of the worst things you can do in life is let someone down.
  • Willingness to take risks – Again, don’t be fooled by the saying never take risks. Life is full of risks. If you are not willing to take risks you will not learn. The key to delivering a successful speech then is writing the speech, taking the chance of giving the speech and never think the speech will be a success. This violates the positive rule so to speak, but if you look deeper you will see the truths in this logic.
  • Willingness to accept beyond your understanding – Example: A woman dislikes swimming because of her fears, yet she sometimes gathers with friends at the pool or lake and puts every effort into learning to swim and mastering her fears. As you can see contradictory is in this picture. Be prepared to believe what you may not want to believe, thus searching for a meaningful purpose in the logic. Accepting the unbelievable is part of growing, as well a part of becoming a public speaking star.
  • Courageousness – Be prepared to face your fears and learn how to master those fears. There are two types of fears in the world with one type being hazardous and the other advantageous. What do you think respect is? It is a fear of violating someone’s rights, and causing them harm. This is an advantageous fear. The hazardous fear is going on stage failing to realize that a degree of nervousness is expected, yet realizing that you are the master of your being.
  • A generalizing thought making plan – I know what you are thinking? What in the Sam name of Jimmy Dickens’ is this woman talking about. Well, the fact is I am stressing generalization. While it is not nice to generalize in some areas of life, it is nice to generalize in some areas of life. This means you will find interest in all parts of your speech. This means you will have a broad understanding of your topic and where it is heading by the time you finish writing the speech. This means you will have weighed out the pros and cons, thus constructing a well-rounded and factual speech, based on other facts rather than just our own. Thus, you will have a value of the speech by the time you finish.
  • Relaxing tools – Learn to give you a break. Before you go off to your speech, prepare ahead of time. The point…prepare…prepare…prepare…take five deep breaths and prepare some more!


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