Tools For Becoming A Star Speaker

Grabbing every opportunity that comes in your way is the first and foremost step to becoming a public speaking star. Start from smaller speeches in the beginning. This helps in gaining confidence. Then over the period of time you can make a transition to longer speeches.

In the beginning it would be much better if you speak on a more familiar topic. Also if you are a beginner you must try to gain as much time as possible to prepare for the day of speech. If the topic is not familiar, or the time is not adequate to prepare for the speech, then one can always politely refuse the offer.

It would be much better to reject such an offer rather than face embarrassment on the stage at a later date. However, most speech issuers will give you sufficient time and topic of choice. Still, it could happen that you are short on time and unfamiliar with a topic.

Speech Length

One of the major mistakes that novice speakers make is with the length of their speech. They try to be as explanative and expressive as possible. The key to be liked by the listeners is a short and sweet speech.

How many times did you yourself like to hear a half an hour speech? For most of the occasions a ten minute brief and to the point speech serves the purpose far better than a longer one. I personally hate sitting long hours in a room listening to people talk. Don’t think I am alone.

Reaching the Venue

Also you don’t have to reach the venue late to be star speaker. Some people do this to show their importance, and the result is that most of the people lose all their interest in the speech.

It’s a good habit to be on the venue in time or if possible a few minutes before so as to become familiar with the stage, staff, and the kind of microphone you will use etc.


Also significant is that one must relax himself before delivering the speech. A little bit of meditation or playing your favorite song in your mind helps a lot in the procedure.

Always keep your chin upright and focus on the stage where you are supposed to deliver the speech. Some people tell you to imagine the audience without clothes; however, this is a funny suggestion that could prove disastrous. Don’t do it!

Creating a Rapport with the Audience:

Another thing that you must try to do as often as possible is to greet as many people as one can, smile at the strangers and tell them a few jokes to lighten up the mood. This helps in creating an interest in the listeners and sets up the right mood. All of us like to laugh.

Never startle at what time your name is called upon to deliver a speech. Always stay calm and walk with confidence. Use your body to show your, confident, by walking briskly to the stage, while staring ahead and keeping your back in a straight line.

Never walk casually or very fast, just keep your cool and behave as if it’s a usual part of life. Smile and greet the people cheerfully as soon as you reach the dais.

Begin slowly and then raise your speed at what time you feel confident, and in control of the circumstances. Armed with all these tools you will never be far from becoming a Public Speaking Star.



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