To What Extent Envisioning Makes Your Public Speaking Easy?

Public SpeakingThe ability to see, envision and imagine, painting a verbal picture with words.

Calling into your minds eye and imagination vivid images and analogies, metaphors etc, is a powerful tool and utility to have that will make easy your public speaking more and more as you master and hone your craft. It can be mightily powerful.

Always try to picture and envision, see in your minds-eye and imagination what you are reading about.

Try and verbally describe and paint the picture to someone else. Write things you see and impressions you have in your own words.

A great way to exercise this skill is to often practice writing things from memory. Try and describe something around you vividly. Try a raging storm, a sea-landscape, a battle-scene in a movie, the starry sky at night, a camp-fire.

These will all help you hone and harness your visualization [Visualization Techniques] and projection qualities and abilities.

Paying attention and concentration…

Developing and keeping your interest in something will help you greatly when practicing and utilizing this skill. Typically there are things that get and keep our attention easily:

  • Some things familiar and comforting
  • Things that give us pleasure
  • Expectations

The inherent or learned ability to focus on ONE THING ALONE is a great skill for a public speaker to have. You will be less distracted and better able to keep track of your thoughts, process, progress and delivery, all at once.

Strong mental discipline, daily practice and ongoing mastery, raising the bar is the only way to victory on this important aspect of public speaking.

You have to work on both your attention span and the ability to remember things well (memory).

  • Repeating things helps.
  • Interest develops over time.
  • You will not be distracted that often and too much anymore the more you do it and focus on ONE thing and remembering it!

Mental focus and concentration should come with ease and no straining. Healthy body, healthy mind and soul! TAKE THE TIME TO FOCUS AND REMEMBER!

In the spur and heat of the moment… being spontaneous!

All art must be preceded by a certain mechanical ex-pertness, and this is particularly applicable to the subject of diction, voice production and expression.

Sometimes you will not be all-consumed by the mechanics of the process, you will just give over and enjoy, letting things flow naturally, practicing your craft.

Other times you will be dealing with the mundane routine practice of almost basic rote skills, mechanistic techniques and details to get BETTER and REALLY GOOD at it!

Eventually it will take little to no effort on your part anymore. The more you do it, the better and more natural it will become. Almost like second nature. It becomes more accurate, predictable and reliable and you will start using it with more confidence, the more familiar you get with it.

You will discover the joys and secrets of being spontaneous rather then repressing emotions, enjoying the freedoms of ‘speech’ rather than the restraints and limitations. It will become natural and easy for you over and in time.

The skill of discussion and dialogue:

How you handle and express yourself every day, while in interaction with others, will all affect how you come across in public speaking situations.

Discussion is a dialogue

  • Ease and correct use is paramount
  • You can keep improving and improvising as you go along
  • The simplest and most direct form of vocal expression.
  • Less formal
  • Beginning of speech culture

Public speaking is a monologue

  • More formal
  • Requires increased definiteness
  • Less improvisation and thinking on your feet – more planning and deliberate execution
  • On occasion,  special event or happening (planned purpose)
  • All said and expressed is tailored to suit the circumstances of space purpose and number
  • More deliberation in style

Giving a speech in this fashion does not come naturally to any or all of us! It feels and is in fact different!

By paying close attention to what it is that you are actually doing, you will and can have great success. Practice it with ease, naturalness, and variety of good conversation, avoiding loudness and you will discover your ‘inner voice and talents’ quickly! USE THEM TO YOUR ADVANTAGE.

Keep the things really simple…

Keep your expressive art really simple and really effective and mastered. Keeping things simple, does not mean you have to repress, ignore or dismiss everything.

Rather it implies that you should actively and hands-on, intelligently make use of all the expressive arts and skill in your arsenal through sincere, direct, and spontaneous effort.

Put differently… if you keep it simple, it will in effect be exactly that SIMPLE!



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