Tips For Taking Care Of Your Vocal Instruments!

Public SpeakingHow you take care of yourself has a lot to do with your speech and performance as a public speaker as well.

Here are some general tips to bear in mind for taking care of your ‘vocal instruments and ensemble’ you are entrusted with!

  • You should make it an utmost priority to guard your system, balance and keeping the voice in tip-top shape and conditioning and generally stay healthy. No-one is going to do it for you.
  • Daily routines including physical exercise, bathing, fresh air, sleep, food and clothing are essential.
  • Avoid cold, wet and damp air and climate shortly after an exercise or voice work-out for example. It sounds like common sense, but we do not always take the extra care required.
  • Watching the one and volume of our at times somewhat loud and animated conversation, whispering and unbridled, incessant laughter, should be avoided too, as they strain the vocal cords as well.
  • Cold or iced drinks are not good for the throat, but if used they should be taken slowly and in small quantities.
  • Always breathe through the nose and try and practice keeping your mouth firmly closed at all times.
  • Throat medications, lozenges, soothers and other drugs are not advisable.
  • Saliva flow can be stimulated by chewing on something like a tiny morsel of white paper.  
  • You can make your own home-made ‘gargling’ mix for use in the morning and at night. (one pint of water, a teaspoonful of salt and ten drops of carbolic acid)

How to gargle for optimal results:

  • Tilt your head slightly.  
  • Open the mouth moderately.
  • Raise your chin and bring lower jaw slightly forward Bring the lower jaw forward by raising the chin.
  • Sound the sound ‘e’ (like in hemp)
  • Remember to breathe easily and regularly throughout


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